Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't laugh, my Daddy dressed me!

DISCLAIMER....please don't judge my poor innocent baby girl. She has really good taste and a sense for fashion...but her Mommy's working a lot right now and is leaving Daddy in full charge of dressing her! Poor Baby...Daddy's fired and I'll start laying out her outfits again!!

Seriously, these were her pajamas the night before and he slapped shoes on and a bow...THAT DOESN'T MATCH! He said, it was pink in response where is the green? He goes, there is a watermelon...I don't understand how dad's do this...he wouldn't leave the house not matching...why would he let her?

Logan is going to be a dentist, he LOVES to brush his teeth. He also loves to take baths...he'd take three a day if I'd let him. Now, what happened with the potty? Tomorrow, we are headed to the dollar store. Time for bribes!!!

Silly Brothers...

Caden's schoolwork

This is a typical photo shoot of Presley...


Logan joining in...

And then there were three!

Silly babies!

And we are back to one...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy & Scentsy!

Daddy is home!!! Whew, it was a long two weeks.

So, I signed up to be a scentsy consultant. Seriously? I DO NOT have time to do this...but that is why I did it. Because, I love this product so much...I want to sell it! I figure I'll be using my blog as a forum to sell my products. But honestly my friend Bradi invited me to a scentsy party and I went for a break in my week. I bought 2 scentsy warmers and 6 scents...I am hooked! I have had so many friends tell me that they want one and I plan to buy one as a gift for every woman I know sometime over the next year...why not make money off of it??? Anyway, more to come once I get my website, etc.

Caden made Heath a drill ship, I love this b/c he did all on his own and I knew EXACTLY what it was when I saw it. For those of you who don't know what his rig looks like...

Impressive, isn't it. He even included the helicopter.

Me and My Toots...
Future Cheerleader: Whatchyoutalkinbout?

Boys will be boys! Connor & Bryce are expecting a baby sister Chloie!!!

Before Church on Sunday

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Potty Training Basics

Having two children in diapers during the week, isn't really an issue, as they do most of their business at school. Having Heath gone and no one to share the love over this rather long weekend, I realize that two kids in diapers is two too many. Cutting Miss Pres some slack, my focus is on LOGAN!!!

And at the point of giving up on the chocolate milk withdraw technique, he suprised me this morning by....drumroll please...POOPING AND PEEING in the POTTY!!!!

Can you tell that I made a big deal about it...with his first glass of chocolate milk (no lid) and big boy underwear on he was as proud of himself as you can get.

Now, let's all pray this wasn't just a fluke or a ploy to get his fix of C.M. and will be back to enjoying his pullups just a little too much tomorrow!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is...

Lately everything in our house is a race. We race putting our shoes on, eating, falling asleep, walking, etc.

From a parents perspective their is just something honeymoon like about the first year when your baby is perfect and is never misbehaved or mean or obnoxious...They are perfect.

So, if I ever show favoritism towards my's just because she's still perfect. So sweet and happy and innocent and today came in first place...BY FAR.

First Place...

Second Place...
When I picked up Caden from school he got into the car and said "Damnit, who moved my seat?"

And Third...
I threatened Logan with no more chocalate milk (His addiction) until he started using the potty like a good little THREE year old. He said, Okay. The next request for Chocolate milk went like this:

Logan: I want COCK-LIT MILK, Pease.
Me: Let's go peepee on the potty.
Logan: I'll have juice, then.

It's now Day 5...No chocalate milk. He's sat on the potty for me one time and tooted.

So, today Presley is the WINNER!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Portriats & 6 Month Baby!

Logan was again, off to the side...Presley LOVES pulling on Caden's hair!

This picture cracks me up, Like she's thinking...OH, I AM NOT NAKED AM I???

MOMMY!!! With this face...she's learned she gets WHATEVER she wants!!!

And She was DONE!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Money

Daddy took Presley for her six month appointment and shots last week. She did great and so did Daddy as this is one thing I normally do but since he was off anyway...he took care of it. Daddy Daughter Day:

(secretly I am screaming Did she wear pants and a bow to her appt??)

Worn out!

Caden playing with Presley's Easter Bunny...She thinks he is so funny!

I bought Presley some Mum Mums (baby rice cakes) and her first sippy she is saying...What is this??

Daddy got to come home Thursday night for Easter weekend!!!

Saturday we had a Daystrom Lane Easter Celebration at Sarah and Wesley's house...the Easter Bunny brought lots of eggs and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Presley so excited to hunt eggs

The Hood (Bryce, Caden, Logan, Connor, and Jacob) Abigail sat this one out -- I don't blame her!


Even Princess P scored a Pink Egg!

Sunday was a big celebration at our new church Water's Edge and we got to bring our neighbors Rick, Angie and Britney and my little brother Nick came. Since it was raining our hunt was up and down the hallways of the school our church meets at and the boys got so many eggs!

The boys had their Eater parties Thursday at school and Caden got an envelope that said, First Place Most it was $2.00. He told me he wanted to give it to someone and I said, since it's Easter do you want to give it to Church? He was so excited.

I gave him an offering envelope and he wrote (on his own) To God From Caden Logan Presley. Sometimes I think Caden will grow up to be a Pastor...he is so spiritual and Heath and I were so proud of him for wanting to give his money to God.

Logan was actually sitting on the fireplace but on the farthest spot possible from Caden and Presley...HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

A little closer

Really, Logan?

Now here is the stinger...he smiles in play clothes and hats...Oh well.

Happy Easter!


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