Friday, May 30, 2008

Tacos, Park and Swimming!

We are really trying to get the boys to eat what we eat. We don't eat super healthy so it's not like we are forcing broccoli and rice on them each night. I was very impressed when both boys ate a taco!!! The ate it there way -- which I thought was funny.

Even Daddy joined in!

We also made a trip to the park this week...Caden and Logan have a new 'cheese' for the camera. They know Mommy wants to see there pretty smiles, so they do this:

And Friday afternoon we went swimming with the TIPTONS!!!

And yet another 'cheese'

Silly Boys.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Best Friends

Caden and Logan are now staying with our neighbors and good friends Miss Leslie, Connor (3) and Bryce (2). Caden and Logan adore the boys and Leslie is one of the few people I trust to keep my kids....especially the new baby. With my new job going so well -- I am going to try to keep working. So, having Leslie is a Godsend. She also keeps our good friends Trey and Krystals baby Riley. Logan is a little sweet on Riley!!

Here are a few photos of the boys together...

Learning and craft time.

Play Time

Needless to say, we like the Tipton's and hope the boys are friends for a very long time...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

We had a good weekend. Friday we had another ultrasound and Heath got confirmation that in fact we are having a girl. Good thing, since her room is already pink and Nana and Papa brought over lots more clothes!!

Logan saw his ENT again and his ears are doing really well. Now, if he can just keep from getting a fever once a week -- I'll be happy! We can definately tell he is feeling better though. He say's the Monsters are not in my ears anymore.

Our neighbors got a new puppy -- a 2 pound teacup chihuahua and Logan loves her. Her name is Lily (he normally hates to be close to dogs, but since this one was smaller than he is -- I guess it was okay).

Here is Caden and Logan playing with her...

Sunday we went to the neighborhood pool and it only took the boys a few minutes to remember how to have fun!

Monday we had a bbq at Nana and Papa's and the boys stayed over on Sunday night. Logan got a little too much sun and I feel so horrible since I must not have put enough sun screen on him. That night when he was trying to go to sleep he said his back hurt. Mine was worse -- otherwise I would of really been upset.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The News

Well, we found out...It's a girl. We are thrilled and the boys are SO EXCITED to call the baby a sister. Her name is Presley Grace and she is perfect. Heath's mom got to attend the ultrasound and she had never seen one before so that was special.

She has 4 outfits and we found out yesterday, so this should be interesting!


Thirty One

Thirty One
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