Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was all about the swimsuits for us!  We had a great weekend of Family, Friends and Fun....Thank you to our Service Men & Women, especially to my Dad and Brother, Robbie! 

This little Fish stayed in the pool ALL DAY!

 Presley and "my Chana" (aka Miss Jana)
 Serious Swimmer
 A few tricks...

 Addy & Presley - Future Gymnasts!
 Logan & Hayden
 From Disaster....
 To Diva!
 Mark & Jana set up the neatest little outdoor theatre for the kids!
Before eating lunch on Monday Presley volunteered to say the prayer....it went, "Hi Jesus, Thank you for Mama Sue, she died...Amen."  Such a innocent heart felt prayer. 
 Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


This years baseball season was all about improvement.  Our team started off a little rusty and was getting outscored and outplayed all over the field.  Caden's first year of coach pitch proved to be a challeging one for him in the batting arena...however by the end of the season both the team and Caden had turned it around and we came in 2nd place and Caden was hitting every time at bat!  Go Tigers!

 Daddy helped coach!

Good job, Caden!  You had so much fun and had a wonderful attitude all season!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pre K Graduation

My little Man graduated from Tigerland's PreK last week.  We are so proud of him and he is very ready and excited for KINDERGARTEN!!!!  Yeah Logan!

Daddy and Presley time....

These two can be so sweet to one another

I am not sure what she was going for here...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A sign of things to come...

So, Presley loves school...she loves it so much she is either at school, playing school or talking about school...mostly she is just plain ole talking.  She talks more than any human being I've ever met...it is funny and exhausting.  I know Heath would argue that she comes in second to her mama, but I'm just saying...

Presley, Addy and Avery - she LOVES her A Girls!

Her BFF, Daisy

The boys rarely tell me anything about school....it's just whatever is in the moment.  I know my mom used to rely on my tell her about our day....mine, Nick and Robbies (well, maybe not Robbies) and I know I will do the same to Presley. 

 Presley's new dress that my very talented friend Rachel made her.  Thanks, Rachel!
 Mother's Day 2011
 Daisy is doing well adjusting to life at our house.  It's been quite and adjustment for her...going from being home all day with just Mama Sue to being home all day alone to having to joining a family of five and Hank.  Hank is hanging in there - trust me, she is a sweet, loving dog...but spunky enough that she steals his treats and he won't touch a bone if she has it!  She is starting to act and look just a little too much like a little miss priss I know....don't they just look guilty?
 And little Man...I must say he is challenging us lately...he is not sleeping and was tested for Diabetes.  Thank God he does not have it and we think he is just a quirky kid!  I took him to the doctor and this was how he was waiting for her to come in to see him...He says "Well hello there Dr Tami"...I also caught him drinking in the middle of the night and said...Logan why do you drink so much?  He said, Mom I just love drinks and girls.  Oh Logan, how I adore you.

I found a verse in the bible that I fell in love and makes me think of my kids "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed....Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Disclosure - The lack of pictures of Caden is not intentional...he's just at that age where I try not to annoy him all the time with my adoring attention.  He had a wonderful game last week where we held the number one team to an 8-3 win and Caden scored one of the runs....I as screaming I was so excited and then we had his team Party where he got his trophy.  When we go to school in the mornings...he says goodbye to me in the van...hmm isn't seven just a little too young to be embarrassed of your mom and siblings?  And aren't we cool enough that no one should be embarrassed of us?  I am just saying...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


There is a beautiful park in Katy that Poppa & Nana took the kids to on Friday night so that they could have some fun.  It hasn't exactly been full of fun around Mommy lately.  They had a great time and Poppa captured some great shots.

Enough with the pictures, POPPA!


Thirty One

Thirty One
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