Monday, November 29, 2010

My Mommy & Thanksgiving

So, I wanted to request your prayers for my sweet Mama Sue. We found out she has a tumor in her heart today and we don't know whether it is benign or malignant and won't until more tests are done.

Other things in our world:

Little man lost his first tooth!!!

We had to get a neighbor to break a $20 at 8pm! He's way earlier than his big brother was so we are wondering if he pulled some plyers out -- anything to be like Caden.

My toothless duo (tatoos and all)
I love this little beauty...

AND....DRUMROLL PLEASE...we bought a Mini Van! (What?! A mini van?)

The kids just love the push button doors and the three tv screens! And to all of you haters that say, I'll never drive a mini van; you just don't know what you are missing!

Caden was so entertaining at Thanksgiving, his cousin taught him to hip hop dance to Christian Rap Music (Toby Mac)...

Thanksgiving at my Mom's...
Kid table
Logan enjoyed Pizza and pop tarts for Thanksgiving dinner?????
Presley was thankful for Mama Sue's recently inherited pony!
I didn't get pictures of Daisy, but the kids just had a blast playing with her and she was again a perfect little some point I start to feel sorry for this sweet little dog!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ice Princess

My friend Krystal and I got our little girls tickets to see Disney Princess on Ice, poor Riley got really sick and wasn't able to go so Jana came with her two little girls. We had a great time and little Addy even cried when it was over b/c she didn't want Tinkerbell to leave!

Presley just couldn't take her eyes off of the action, the show wasn't until 7:30 so she was exhausted but her little heavy eyelids never shut. Her favorite princess was Princess Minnie Mouse who was acting as the MC with Mickey!

Excited to Go!!!
Saying bye to the boys!
Presley, Avery, Addy and Jana
Eyes glued to the ice!

Sleeping Beauty (or spanking booty as Addy says)

What a fun Girls night!!!

Of course it was at Reliant Stadium with plenty of Texans emblems and my daughter got so excited every time she saw one and said, "Go Texans". Her daddy was very proud!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bucks & Darth Vader

Heath shot his first buck on Friday at the Redmon Ranch and was beyond giddy over it...special thanks to Lance, Steve and Mr. Redmon!

The boys greeting the Buck in Darth Vader costumes

Presley wasn't as excited about the dead deer...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Friday we made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch...Big decisions to be made picking out the perfect one...

Logan the Scarecrow
Caden the Scarecrow (with his jack o lantern smile)
And Presley the Scarecrow
We enjoyed playing at the church playground after finding our pumpkins...

Logan, giving his first sermon...
Everyone started helping daddy carve pumpkins but in the end it was just he and Presley...

Introducing: The Super Mario Brothers and their Princess

Luigi (aka Caden)
Mario (aka Logan)
and "The Princess" (aka Presley)

Counting the goods...Caden wanted to organize the candy by type...(OCD?)
Butterfinger, anyone?
Sith and Darth Vader

It was a wonderful weekend of Halloween celebrations. The boys picked out their costumes in September and would have really preferred to be Star Wars characters but have been promised that Santa will be shopping for some half off costumes for Christmas gifts! They also had mustaches but Logan lost his so Caden decided not to wear his.

Presley really enjoyed the excitement, she walked into a few people's houses and was more interested in the dogs, decorations and people than actually trick or treating. She had a few minor meltdowns and a wardrobe malfunction but nothing most Princesses don't deal with. She got some Silver Glitter shoes that she wore like a champ, blisters and all!


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