Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Log Cabin Weekend

This weekend we went to Artesian Lakes resort (formerly Chain-o-Lakes) in Cleveland, Texas for a family getaway.  The kids were very excited and we had a wonderful weekend.  Tons of Alligators, swimming (not with alligators), fishing, and relaxing! 

Our Cabin - The Sam Houston
 Back Patio

 The View

 Kid Fishing Pond

 Our Friendly Alligator - named Allie
 Horse drawn carriage ride to Breakfast - Like Rella!

 Um, way too close...

 The racoon that Allie almost had for dinner
 No TVs in the cabin, so it was Go Fish time!

 Daddy and Caden on the slide
 Pretty  Baby Girl

 Presley fell and scraped her knee - this was her sad face.
 Canoeing or according to kids - worst part of the trip!

 Being silly for Alllie

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

You are missed by us today, tomorrow and everyday until we see you again. 
 Mom & Caden 11/2003
 Mom & Caden 10/04

 03/25/06 - Meeting Logan

 10/2008 Presley

5/29/11 the morning of her surgery - last pictur ever taken of Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mama Sue we love you dearly.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bittersweet Fourth of July

Every year we have a dual celebration for the Fourth of July & my Mom's Birthday (July 7th).  This year we decided to continue the tradition becuase certainly its important to Mom.

My sweet Aunt Sandra who is 18 months older than my Mom and her very best friend and a wonderful, giving thoughtful Aunt - who I cherish more today than I never realized I would.  She is the closest thing to my Mom in this world and means so much to my family.  Of course I didn't get too many pictures of our Sunday celebration as we were swimming and the camera just never came out.

We spent Saturday with my Dad in the Stockyards and had a great time.

Eating with Cousin Toby at Risky's Steakhouse!

 Riding a real Longhorn!

 Grandpa Bill giving us the tour
 The "Kids" riding the mechanical bull

 Come on, Dad, we aren't THAT heavy!

 Gma Laurie enjoying the festivities

 Um, GET ME OFF...she's not so much into the cowgirl stuff - she preferred shopping!

 Grandparents spoiling kids with a gift a Logan picks an inappropriate postcard....

Our Fort Worth Train Ride

Saturday evening Nick, Toby, Heath and Caden went to a Rangers game while Logan, Presley and I went to visit my best friend from college Angela - and meet her sweet baby girl, Kate.  We had a blast - of course swimming and just visiting.  Presley and Kate had the same bathing suit on, but we didn't manage to get a picture of them together.

 PG riding a Four wheeler with Daddy
 And we can't get enough of the pool!
 Logan is officially a "no-floatie" swimmer this weekend.  Go Logan!
Happy Fourth of July!!!


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Thirty One
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