Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza

Logan had a wonderful party at Tigerland on Friday and enjoyed the attention.  Uncle Nick made it into town to help celebrate and Friday we had a few friends over for pizza and play. 

Saturday was Caden's Sports fest and the day was spent at the baseball fields followed by a Crawfish boil at the Lander's house.  The boys had Elijah over for a sleepover and had a blast.

Caden modeling his name on his jersey - his team in the Tigers.

 Presley and her new BFF, Tatum.  These girls are SO CUTE together!

 Sleepover time!

Party Time!!!!!

 Steve & Taylor
 Yancy Crew
 Our Favorite little Coates

 Grandpa & Birthday Boy
 Sweet Riley
 Jana & Nikki
 Cake Time!

 Cari, Blake & Maci
 Poppy & Presley (always a lady)
Logan & Presley with Poppa, Nana & Bam

Presents Time.... 

Thanks to everyone for making Logan's Big Day such a special one!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Man

Today, Logan, you are FIVE!!!!

Happy birthday, Logi Bear!  I am so excited that you are growing into such an awesome kid!  You have the BEST MANNERS of anyone I know and altough at times I know you are using them more for the attention you receive than out of respect - it still so sweet to see...

An ultimate charmer, a smile that instantly resembles your Daddy and a true heart of gold.  WE LOVE YOU, Logan, Logi, Logi Bear, Bubba!

Love, Mom, Dad, Caden & Presley!

Over the Years....

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Our great friend and neighbor Mark helped Heath build a deck.  They did a FABULOUS JOB!!!  Thanks to all the wonderful help they received from the 5 kids and 2 dogs....

Presley modeling our new floors....So pretty....

 Sometimes I find the most humorous pictures when uploading.  This was set up and captured by Caden & Logan and we didn't see it until the photos were uploaded....Silly boys.

Logan sleeps so angelic....Or he used he just looks like a typical guy all the time.



Thirty One

Thirty One
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