Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring has arrived!!!

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather, since we know it'll be gone in a flash!

Presley skipping rocks

 Boys fishing...

 My three explorers
 We chose to stick to civilization!

 Presley borrowed Snow White costume from her friend Riley Landers

 Who knew Snow White was so snotty...
 That's better!
 Stock Show -- STINKY PIGGIES!
 Presley was the bravest!

 Future FFA?  Grandpa Hoffman's are so proud!

 My lil Cowgirl!
 Poppa & Nana
 THE STICK HORSE RACE!  Caden was too old!  And opted out of Muttin Bustin after his adventure last year!

 During the rodeo Presley kept asking when it was her turn to ride the horse.

 Presley said, I am not riding this stick -- CHARGE!!!!!!
 The Winners!!!!
 Riding the Rodeo Horsies!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day at the park

Heath shot his first buck this year. Although Caden has been able to go along for several hunts he missed this one, so we decided to mount it and Caden loves it. Presley says hi to the reindeer as she passes him.

My attempts at group pictures lately are failing miserably.  Thanks for participating PG, I can always count on you!

Ever since we got Hank, the boys have been waiting for the chance to take him to the park/lake in our neigbhorhood.  He did really well and everyone had a blast (even Presley and I who were at home napping!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alfalfa and Bowling

Does anyone know if they are making a remake any time soon of The Little Rascals

Caden's Big Snow day -- he was so disappointed
Love Bugs

Our fun night at Times Square


Thirty One

Thirty One
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