Friday, December 25, 2009

"Early" Christmas

Since we are celebrating Christmas next week when Daddy is home from the Rig we are enjoying an "early" Christmas with my family. It's snowing in Fort Worth and I am enjoying the helping hands of my brother and Mom! Here are a few photos of the early gifts received... And at my aunt's there was a new beagle puppy...I so wish Santa could bring this gift to Caden and Presley, but as you can tell -- Logan is no where in sight...His Phobia of dogs extends to helpless little beagle pups and he wouldn't even walk when the puppy was in the room. Sorry, Daddy, no puppy for x-mas! Caden playing Metallica on his new guitar...Uncle Nick got him.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm NOT sharing my cookies

Uncle Nick's home from 6 months in Africa!!! WE MISSED HIM SO MUCH!

Our trip to Chucky Cheese!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So funny!

This video captures how much Presley thinks of her big brother. She adores the boys and thinks Logan is hilarious. It also captures the fact that my poor little children are so accustomed to being photographed that they don't even realize they are being video taped - notice their constant "posing"!

Whoa, Girl...I have no idea who you got your dirty looks from!

Boys...going to work!

Our little UFC Fighter!

And our little "ham"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let It Snow!!!

We welcomed our first snow since living in Katy!!! Caden seemed to enjoy it the most while Logan and Presley watched from the window!

We decorated the house for Christmas and everyone pitched in although Caden and Daddy pretty much did all the work.

Our little stair steps!

Presley with Caden's Class Mascot who got to spend the weekend with us.

Presley and her baby Khloe!!! She absolutely adores this little girl. It's her BFF!

These are the big brothers!!!!

This is Presley's Famous Pose. She does this everytime she sees the camera and it's so cute...except when you are trying to capture a more natural smile!


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