Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Star Wars is popular in our house right now...this video makes me laugh because of all the near misses, we aren't always so lucky!

A Mommy's Prayer

If I could pray like Logan, my prayer would be:

Dear God, Please rewind time and pause to when Presley was a sweet baby girl (instead of a 2 year old crazy woman), Logan was a toddler and Caden was a Preschooler. I want it to stay that way forever...oh and I'd like to remain 31 (I mean, really probably 26 but I gotta have all three kids around, so whatever you can manage). Thanks, God, your the BEST! ~Mommy

It's been a while so I have lots to post....

First off, we have lost another tooth!!! Caden was SO Excited!

I was a little outwardly sad (see prayer above) and Caden knew so he said, "Mom, are you happy or sad that I lost my front tooth?" Me: "Well, a little of both" Caden: "Why does it make you sad?" Me: "Because you are growing up and when you get older you are going to leave and not be with Mommy everyday" Caden, in his annoyed voice: "MOM, You can come and visit me!"

Caden's famous crazy eyes. He is the poster child for the saying "Don't do your face like that it'll get stuck"... he's done this since a baby and can't figure out how not too!
No missing teeth yet!

These boys ADORE one another.
And then the DIVA...

The boys got to go HUNTING! Presley and I enjoyed a weekend of girl time!
Deer blood, Really Daddy? Napping with her babies...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laser Tag

For Caden's birthday party celebration, he invited a few friends to play laser tag. This was our first party that parents dropped the kids off and Heath and I were in charge of supervising all the kids. Caden wanted Presley and Logan to attend so we had our hands full!

The boys were very good and had a great time. Caden invited a friend from Tigerland, three boys from his Kindergarten class and one from his first grade class.

Happy birthday, Buddy!

This is his "Whoa, that is alot of candles" look....
Enjoying the M&M's

Logan and his Cade Carter....he worships this boy!

And Miss Big Girl, got her crib turned into a daybed...She was SO EXCITED! She got in and out of it a 100 times and has been sleeping great in it! She's so big.

Bike Rides really tire Logan out...

And, what outfit is complete without a stuffed puppy and mommies glasses.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caden!

Caden, today you are SEVEN!!!!

I cannot even tell you how hard for us that is to believe!!! What a smart, sweet, handsome young man you have become too!

This last year you learned so many new things! You learned to read, add, subtract, and how to ride a bike. You are also the most amazing big brother in the world....you are so responsible and we know that you will always take care of Logan and Presley.

Lately you have become very particular about your appearance. Clothes, hair...you even told us you were too tiny. We explained how awesome it is to be the smallest (Daddy and I certainly know) and you think your cheeks are too chubby!

When Daddy and I found out we were going to have you we were not prepared! We worked nine months to get everything in order for you! After a very difficult 20 hour labor (doesn't every mother earn the right to use this line?)...and when I held you, I knew what unconditional, true love meant! You have been such an amazing miracle and taught us that God gives us what we really need at times we don't expect it.

WE LOVE YOU so much! Keep wiggling that top front tooth...you will loose it anyday, Buddy!!! And stop trying to grow up so fast!

Monday, October 4, 2010



Birthday Dinner consisted of all things girl...Poppa & Nana got Presley some dress up shoes and a Princess crown and a baby doll that Presley just LOVES!

What's with the evil looks?

Feeding her new baby...
Enjoying her cake...

Seriously, boys?
Breaking out the heels....

A girl cannot have too much cake on her birthday!

Hello Kitty Party! We decided to invite just a few neighbor girls to a very informal bday party at chuck e cheese's on Saturday. Presley dressed for the occasion.
Keeping her eye on that Chuck e cheese....
Clapping after we sang her Happy birthday!

Playing games...


Thirty One

Thirty One
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