Friday, January 30, 2009


Logan Ryan Sechrist recites his ABC's....

My Baby Girl...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Baby

More of the same video, this one Logan joins and you can see what my poor baby daughter deals with daily. She's tough though!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Presley Talks

Last week Presley start talking...pretty much non stop. The boys got such a kick out of it...

We had a good, busy weekend...Heath and I had a date night on Saturday for the 2nd weekend in a row...we went out with our neighbors -- Angie's birthday bash!

The kids stayed with Brent and Leslie and had a great time. Since going back to Preschool they enjoy the times they get to go over and spend some time with their best friends Connor and Bryce. Also, Since Leslie is expecting #3, Presley will soon have a playmate too!

A few pictures from the weekend...

Caden wearing Heath's glasses...he looks just like his daddy here.

Diva in Training...

Logan now says, "Take my Picture, Mommy!" ALL THE TIME!

She started sucking her thumb...I think it's adorable. Neither of the boys ever did this...I know I'll probably think differently when she's two but SO SWEET!

Presley went to Angie's daughter Tiffani's baby shower with me...Tiffani is expecting a baby boy -- Schylor in March.
Ready for the Baby Shower...seems like I just had her showers yesterday.

We had a birthday party on Sunday for Luke from school at Pump it Up...after visiting with some other mom's we realized that the boys had been scheming to have a sleepover. All of us realized that each of the boys had told us all Tyler Rusch invited them to sleep over. His mom was completely we exchanged numbers so we can plan one...Stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was catching up with blog reading and saw that Kristin had tagged me for a photo post! Woohoo, I was excited, 4th photo, 4th picture. However, it took me 10 minutes to figure you how to create a link on my site! So here it goes...

Kristin and I met in college when our now husbands were roommates. We love the Kotzebues and miss them very much since they've moved to Colorado.

My 4th picture in my 4th folder is...
Honestly, I was disappointed...this is a picture from Presley's nursery before it was completed...not sure what I was doing here.

Oh well...maybe these friends will do better...

1. My Blog Mentor #1 Jana whose beautiful baby girls gave me the fever for my own daughter.

2. My Blog Mentor #2 Wendy whose beautiful little girl is such a wonderful mix of her mommy and daddy.

Both Jana and Wendy were such an inspiration to me when they were Managers at GSF with babies at home...I realized...You can have both!

3. My College Roommate and wonderful friend Elaine who is a new Mommy herself with a precious Baby girl...Lena Kate.

4. My friend Krystal who has been such a wonderful friend to me...we met through our husbands who were great friends growing up and we get together often with our kiddos...Riley has a special place in our hearts and Logan' she started blogging and well it's been three weeks since her last blog!!!

Thanks Kristin!!!

My Little Baby doll

Thank you, Presley, for letting me treat you like my little baby doll. You never wimper or whine when you have to wear a bow the size of your head or for making you try on different outfits for church and for making you wear uncomfortable shoes. I've been practicing for you for as long as I can remember. I love you!

And you are more fun and more beautiful than any baby doll I've ever seen!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poor daddy...

Presley is down at 7:30 and sleeps through the night in her crib...

Winter Cheeks

Do you think she'll ever get a date? No boy will ever be good enough!!

Her new bubble blowing activity...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boys and Baby

Caden has become such a proficient computer user. He loves Disney Live. Logan enjoys watching...

You'd think this was 1AM, it maybe closer to 8PM.

My Lil Toots...check out her shoes...they only lasted for the picture b/c they don't stay on, but they are adorable.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funny story

Saturday Heath got to hunt with some friends...the hunt that is just Saturday morning...not the entire weekend (My favorite kind). We met him for lunch at a Mexican restuarant after we'd been shopping. I pull Presley out of her carrier to feed her and she was soak and wet. She had completely soaked through her diaper, pants and all over her carseat. I immediately put her back and went to the car for damage control...Sparing you the details of how much poop this child was covered in, we returned ot eat and she was completely naked covered in a blanket. I think most parents would have left...but not us...Heath and I were determined to eat our Mexican food!!!

Update, not only does Presley sleep alot. She is the happiest little baby ever. She is asleep in her swing right now, smiling. She smiles in her sleep, when shes tired, eating, ALL THE TIME...She is also extremely laid back. Which is nice since Caden is wound a little tight, Logan is going through Two-berty (Puberty for the two year old).

I think there is a point in child rearing where a parent looks at their child and says...Where did my sweet little angel go??? Who are you? We are at that point with Logan...I thought he was going to be a child who never had meltdowns and was perfectly content with everything I say. Well a little less than three weeks before he turns 3...he's officially hit the TERRIBLE TWO's.

As I learned with doesn't end when he turns 3 either. Keep us in your prayers!!! :)

Before Church on Sunday:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Are you getting any sleep?

I am asked this on a daily basis. Especially since returning to work this week.

People say, "Is your baby sleeping through the night?"
I say, "Yes, actually she goes to bed at 6:30 PM and I wake her up at 5:00 AM to feed her."

They say, "Oh wow, that's great!"... what part of that is great? SHE GOES TO SLEEP AT 6:30PM and I am not home until 5 or 5:15. I missed Presley more than I should of because she's such a "Good Sleeper" but I regress.

No, actually, I AM NOT SLEEPING...I have a two year old too!

Okay, so here are a few shots of her this week before/after school.

Also, the boys discovered the jacuzzi tub is no longer scary.

Oh, and by the way...on Friday I get off work at 11:30AM, rush to school to pick up my clan and come home to spend some quality time...Presley has slept the entire afternoon...WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!! You didn't do this much sleeping at school the entire week.

Yes, I know...if this is the biggest of my worries. Still.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, we are back to work and school. I am very excited for Presley to start Tigerland with her brothers. I'd say they are excited too since Caden reminded Logan all day on Sunday! Caden asked if she would be coloring...I said, probably not for a little while! Heath had a good morning getting everyone dressed and dropped off. He even put in Presley's bow!!

I loved every minute of my three months off, but completely at peace with returning to my career as I know Presley is in such good hands with Miss Theresa and Miss Mimi who were Logan's very first teachers as well!

Silly Picture time:

Presley is such a girl, when her Daddy says "Are you a pretty girl?" She just goes nuts smiling and cooing at him...

Another Coates Girls Outfit...Thanks, Jana!

Logan wanted a try...

Sunday before Church...this is Mommy's shot...Sweet boys

Now Daddy's...Tough boys...


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Thirty One
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