Monday, August 24, 2009


My baby is all grown up!

He did SO GOOD on his first day of kindergarten!!! It's like he's been there a million times...he was very brave and excited...but played it cool. Neither one of us teared up but when I bent down to say goodbye, he could tell I was getting a little sappy...and to break the ice he said, "Mom, you stink, did you shower?"...well Yes, Caden I did...but now I won't cry. He was kidding, I think! :)

On the way home from church yesterday he told Logan, I won't be with you at Tigerland anymore buddy but you will be okay without me. Logan said, Why? And Caden put his arm around him and said, cause I'm all grown up. Logan looked at him and nodded.

Logan also did great, Caden and I walked him in and he was fine. He moves up to a new class today too.

After school we went and ate ice cream at Marble Slab...Presley enjoyed that the most...she got very angry when I got up (and stopped feeding her), this annoyed Caden and he said "O-M-G, Presley"...okay, really? This made me laugh so hard...kindergarten must be the new high school.

Saturday we had Bounce back to school and the boys enjoyed hanging with there friends...then Sunday at church we had a special childrens play...I think Presley thinks she's five too.

PeeGee was very hot...

Logan in his element...

Sechrists + Tiptons = TROUBLE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Presley's Food!

One of the funniest things about Presley is how much eats. She is very serious when it comes to her meals and she gets dramatic when it's over. She prefers to be left alone while eating so she can savor every bite.

She is so my daughter.

The Evil Eye...

Checking out her bracelet.

Kindergarten Date Night

Caden and I went to Meet the Teacher last night. I decided to make a date night out of it and he was very excited. He woke up and told me...It's Date Night tonight!!! He also picked out his new school clothes to wear. (he did tell me that even though we were going on a date, I wasn't his girlfriend...

Mr Rick (our fabulous neighbor) watched Logan and Presley for me while we had some one on one time...which is a rare occurrence these days.

Caden and I went to Red Lobster afterward (his choice, I was thankful it wasn't McDonalds!!).

A few pictures from the evening...

I took this picture of Caden at dinner...

He said, want me to take on of you? Well, sure buddy! :)

Caden and Ms Gates

Monday, August 17, 2009

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times...

Well, it's official, we no longer have a dog. It was a great two days for Caden...

He and Bella became fast friends and were inseperable...

While Logan was banished to play alone...

Skipping rocks and even

Hanging out with his sister...

So, after much thought and consideration...we've decided to give Logan his best friend back and let him live without fear in his own home...

Now, when I explained to Caden that although he loves his puppy, Logan is very scared and isn't able to live with the puppy, he said..."Okay, I understand"...which even more breaks my heart...oh well, life is full of disappointments. Next time I get an itch to buy him a pet, it'll be a fish or a lizard or something!!!

Presley and Logan saying Goodbye, this was as close as he would get to her...

Caden was excited at the thought of a fish tank (of which I pulled out of my hat way to soon!)

Oh, Pres, what will we ever do with these boys???

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Miss Presley Grace.... Mickey Mouse (aka Logan) Caden and his Puppy (we are fostering a puppy, Logan is really scared so we are not sure how long it'll last) She is so sweet...very good puppy, her name is Bella and Caden has been amazing with her. So, hopefully it'll work out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are back in business

My camera came in the mail Friday, woohoo!!! How did I ever live without this camera I do not know...anyway, it's back.

So, I got some great photos of Presley, seems as though she's aged three years in the last month. She's standing on her own, singing, dancing, just being an all around blast.

Mama Sue came to town this weekend and we took Caden school shopping for kindergarten. He got lots of "six year old clothes" as he calls them. Nice thing about Houston is we bought lots of short sleeves on sale as the fall is rather warm. I'll buy some winter stuff when it's time but not when it's 100 degrees out!

We also took a day trip to the beach. I won't be doing that again without Daddy. We locked our keys in the car and handling the sand wihtout his help was less I care to handle without him!

No pictures from the beach but Caden did catch three ghost shrimp...they live under the sand and some man had a utensil that would bring them up...Caden grabbed three of them and brought them home. They died before we got here so he was kind of sad. He's decided he wants an aquarium for his birthday...which I am game for since it's not a kitten!

Here are a few cute shots...

Presley doing what Presley does best...

And of course, a "Mom, me too" picture!

Church on Sunday Morning...

Why do you think I would like this? This is NOT A SMILE.
See, I am miserable.
Way to high, Mother!
Get me out now!
Agh, back on solid ground.

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Colorado River, Daddy and Teething

I'll start with may think that I am going to tell you about Presley...however it's me who is teeting. Apparantly I've hit my prime and my wisdom teeth have decided to come in. YEAH!!! Just what I needed on Heath's second hitch offshore to have oral surgery! Oh well, could be worse.

Daddy, has left again. He received a promotion upon his return to the rig. We are very proud of him and knew it wouldn't take him long! We miss him already.

Pictures from Colorado River last weekend where Heath took the boys to a friends Ranch to see deer, zebra, and many other animals.

Starting off with a bang...

Did someone tell me to Hang on?

Daddy, was this a posed picture?

Pretty sure this is the same fish, nice try Daddy!


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