Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March - where did you go?

So I fell off the blog wagon...

March was busy - which is probably why.  We celebrated Logan's 6th birthday, kicked off baseball, had Spring Break, and completed an entire year without my Mom....so it's been a whirlwind of emotions and life has just expoloded.

Logan celebrated GO Texan Day with his Kindergarten class....we went for the Bull Rider look.

 While Caden enjoyed a sleepover at a friends - these two had their own sleepover with Daddy in the living room!
 So in love...
 Random Church shot of pretty girl

 Sleeping Beauties...

 Modeling a picture from Pinterest
 Presley was able to attend her great friend Addy's 4th birthday party - with Belle and Beast making a surprise appearance.  Presley was on cloud 9 and had the best time....

 Birthday Girl Addy and Presley
 The boys were stoked that Beast was there.

 Over spring break we went to the Houston Livestock Show with some friends....it was not the best experience solely b/c of my own stupidity but we had fun with our friends which is all that matters (Don't tell Caden i misplaced $50 worth of carnival tickets and thought they were lost only to find them when we got home)
 Logan & Celia
 Presley & Jayce
 And then somebody turned 6....mr cool giving us a rock show...
 He was SO Excited he woke up before 6 to enjoy the day.  We got donuts and he wore his hat from school!

 We celebrated his birthday at the neighborhood park with lots of friends.

Special Shot out to our very special friend Kyle for being a sport so that Logan's favorite Star Wars character could surprise him with a Lightsaber fight at his birthday party!

 Happy Birthday, Logan!
 Miss P had ballet

 I managed to get one picture of Caden in baseball and none of Logan.

For April, I plan to do better!  :)


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