Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Days and Counting

My baby boy is all grown up. Caden has his first sleepover on Friday night at Cade Carter's house (Caden calls him CadeCarter, all one word). There will be 5 boys (Tyler, Ryan, Luke, Caden and Cade) from his class total and they are SO EXCITED!!! I'll take pictures of them together and we'll see how long the 'sleepover' lasts!!

Fishing with Daddy...he's really getting into fishing.

What's up???

Caden is watching cartoons...SCOOTCH MOM!!!

She can sit up for short moments...she practically does the splits...
Miss Tubby, enjoying the tub.

Everyone should have the energy of Logan...He loves Move It Move it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!!

Daddy arrived home after 11 days of training and we waited for him in the tailgate of my car...when he pulled up...Logan was so excited he had tears of was precious.

Caden -- a Roughneck!

Does it look like they are happy to see one another?

A special treat...we all layed down together as a family. Logan was so excited he couldn't sleep. He kept touching my face and Heath's face and saying "My whole Family".

Friday I took a vacation day and we went to the zoo. The boys are so into Madagascar...they had a blast. Presley enjoyed riding around on Mommy in her carrier...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Video's for Daddy and an update

So, We have the most amazing friends and neighbors...from having breakfast brought over to endless volunteers to babysit Heath and I realize how blessed we are to have such great friends and neighbors...

My little brother cooked us Dinner on Saturday night (VDay)...thanks, Nick! He is also carpooling with me so that I can get to work quicker and get back to my kids on time.

My neighbor Rick brings my trash cans up to the garage and he and Angie come over and just HELP OUT! My kids love them and Logan will go to Rick when he's tired, hurt or scared.

Anyway, this has helped Heath and I make our decision for him to go offshore...because we are so blessed by the people in our lives.

Caden has also stepped up in a big way...Mr Man reminds me to take out the trash and clean up the dishes. He actually tried to throw something away and said, Somebody has got to take out this trash...Remind me to teach him to do this.

We had a ton of layoffs at work which impacted my department a great right now I feel like I am doing the work of two at home as well as work. Which makes me realize how blessed we are to have jobs!

I can't wait until Thursday!!!!

A few pictures...

She loves her ladybug shoes as much as I do...

What is your Mother feeding you????

Brotherly Love...

This was the Sunday before Heath left, he set up his tent for the boys in the backyard...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 Reasons why we miss Daddy

1. Daddy wrestles better than Mommy
2. Daddy does the trash
3. Daddy changes diapers
4. Daddy hugs us
5. Daddy plays with us
6. Daddy takes us to school
7. Daddy is always nice
8. Daddy sometimes reads us books
9. Daddy always let us go to the store
10. Daddy makes us happy

-- Love, Caden, Logan and Presley

(this list was compiled by Caden Sechrist and approved with a nod by Logan)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Week

Presley had her 4 month well baby on Friday and she weighs 14.5 lbs and is in the 73% for height and weight and head circumfrence. She's so proportionate!!!

She woke up a few times this weekend just starving which hadn't happened in months so I decided to introduce cereal.

Of course, she loved it and was very cute.

I got Presley this baby doll, her name is Lily, she likes to eat her hair.

Caden riding bulls...

He was told to "look tough"

Logan loves to read to Presley

Please note, there is like 5 toys on her shoulder/head. (Madagascar toys). I said Logan, what are you doing to sissy, he said, "Sharing"...Also note, she could care less...

Presley definately knows there are two brothers. I can tell that she will try and spot each one of them. Caden makes her laugh and giggle and I think Logan just fascinates her. Who needs a mobile or a entertainment saucer when you have older brothers running around????

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids say/do the darndest things...

A few stories to make you chuckle...

Caden drew a picture of the earth and put everyones house he could think of on it, he first just drew little red squares and then he said, Now I am going to pass out Roofs and chimneys. He then had me title it: This is Earth, We love God.

Caden told everyone at school that his birthday was next week. He keeps telling us who he wants to invite to his party and we keep reminding him, Your birthday is in 9 months, Buddy. How long does this Birthday party obsession last?

Caden's infamous "look" he even does it while drinking my coffee...

Logan has been sick and before bed last night, running a fever covered from head to toe with blankets he said, "Jesus will make me better" (we read over and over a bible story that says "Jesus makes sick people well"....this morning, he woke up perfectly well! :)

Heath got ready to go running and Logan said, Can I run with you, Daddy? I have on my super-superfast shoes. It was so sweet, I think Heath almost took him up on it.

Logan just healed his black eye when he was jumping around on our bed, fell and hit his head on the corner of the nightstand...Heath grabbed him and was holding him and then picked him up to access the damage, they were both covered in was a mess. It ended up being a really small cut...but it sure did bleed.

This picture cracks me up...Caden was a hunter and Logan was the mommy with his two kids...and they both had sunglasses on...(FYI, Logan is always the mommy, poor guy!)

Presley isn't into playing Caden's games as much as Logan is...

And My lil Doll...

Logan reading a book to his sister...

For those of you who don't know, Heath took a job with my company, Transocean. He starts next week. He will be working offshore. We are so excited about this opportunity and so proud of him for the sacrifices he'll be making. With the craziness of the economy and three kids, we just couldn't chance him staying in the home building/improvement industry.

So, I am sure you'll hear many stories in the upcoming months on how crazy things are without a lot of posts for Daddy as he'll be checking it each day to check in on his family!


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