Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surgery Success...?

So, last Thursday I underwent a 12 hour surgery that disected a nerve from my right leg and was transplanted into my face to connect the nerve on the right side of my face to control the movement of some of the muscles on the left side that have remained paralyzed due to my bells palsy episode in 2007. Things I've learned in this experience...

-I am immune to morphine and that is a crappy thing not to know post surgery while in the ICU.
-I am allergic to most other pain medicines, also a really crappy thing to not know.
-I am not a fan of the ICU nurse at Methodist...she nearly killed me, ironically her name is Joy.
-Having your ears cut open and dug around under causing a really nasty side effect of bruising and swelling.
-A common side effect of long surgery is a butt rash similar to athletes foot. It is more painful and irritating than having your ears cut open!!!

Anyway, keeping it light for the blog. I am so thankful for my Mom who has taken over my job at home and Heath for being the best sidekick to have...always keeping the humor in the air and our wonderful friends and neighbors who have brought by food and gifts...

I love you all and will keep you posted on my status. Pictures MIGHT be posted...we'll see.

Also, more importantly, Caden LOVED the first grade and his teacher. He said it was "awesome". Logan was a little less pumped about pre-k and said it was alright. He's just playing it cool, though!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Should we be concerned?

Caden: Dad are you mad at Ali?
Daddy: No, why?
Caden: Because she picked Roberto instead of Chris, I really liked Chris.

This is a week after the finale...should we be conerned that he's worried about it? Maybe we should be concerned that we let him watch the Bachelorette.

Logan is telling us that he kissed his girlfriend at school but didn't get caught. I said, where did you kiss her? He said, on the cheek but the teachers didn't see it so I didn't go up front. If you kiss at school then you have to go up front to see Miss Jane (Director). Should we be concerned that they have this rule for 4 year olds and mine knows how to get around it?

Should we be concerned that Presley says "I know" when you tell her she's pretty?

I'm not concerned, I mean, Look at her?

The boys are into spiking their hair in the bath...


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