Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, Presley, you make me so happy.

This video was the week after my mom died, I was unpacking some of the things of hers that I brought home.  It was like Pres knew I had to be entertained while working on some very sad, emotional things.  I love her so much....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

 This is why I get up every day and continue to celebrate Jesus, in all his Glory.  I am so blessed for what he has given to me.  I miss my Mom incredibly but look forward to the day we celebrate Easter with her in Heaven.

 Not sure if I mentioned our new dog Daisy!  A gift from Mama Sue.

 The Girls - Addy, Avery, Riley and Presley
 Getting the loot!

 She was just a little overwhelmed in the beginning.
 Mommy Time

 Presley decided hunting eggs in her dress was just to restrictive!
 Is it time for my nap?  (No window in this picture!)
 Are you sure?
 My Men
 Poppa, Nana and Kids

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to my Pity Party

Ugh.....my mom died unexpectedly 14 days ago, exactly two weeks, I find myself bargaining with God to turn back time.  The What If's are making me crazy and the one person in the world that would make me feel better about this entire situation....is gone.  Death, for those of us left behind, SUCKS.  I miss my mom.

I am not sure that I could survive this grief without my kids.  They have shocked me with their intuition, made me laugh through my tears and been so incredibly sweet to me.  Normally when my kids say or do something funny or cute, I call my mom...
  • On the way to the burial from the funeral, I overheard Logan ask Caden "Are there white tigers in Heaven?"  Caden said (without looking up from his video game "Yes, all animals are in Heaven...but they are all nice when they get there" ....  Logan's wheels turning says to me (without knowing I'd been listening), "Mom, Mama Sue is petting white tigers in Heaven"
  • My wonderful friend Kendra bought all my kids treasure boxes to decorate and put things that remind them of Mama Sue in and when they are sad they can look through them...Caden walked around my moms house and found a ceramic egg rock that he'd been eyeing for years and some quarters and an airplane pendant and he put her program from the funeral in the box as well.  After the funeral I was in her room and broke down and he came in and said..."are you sad right now about Mama Sue?"  I said, "yes" he ran out of the room and returned with his treasure box.
  • Another time that I was crying, Presley grabbed my cheeks and said "You missing Mama Sue?  I be right back, I go get her"
  • I was again, very visibly upset and Logan laid his head in my lap and after a while he looked up and I just spilled to him that I just wanted to talk to my mom so bad....he said in a very frustrated voice, "Why didn't she just remember her phone when she went to heaven."
  • At my mom's funeral, I played Amazing Grace by LeAnn Rimes and Caden put his hand up to worship....Oh this just melts my heart...
  • Logan asked me if Mama Sue uses the restroom in Heaven

This last picture was taken the morning she went in for surgery on Tuesday, March 29th.  This is the last picture ever taken of mom...with her little Presley. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It doesn't get easier, just different

When your mom dies, people offer so many words of comfort and love.  Nothing can bring my mom back...but people's loving gestures have certainly carried me through the last 10 days.  My beautiful friends have created a care calendar to provide meals three days a week for a month, so many well wishes and prayers through email, letters, cards, calls, texts.  It's amazing how many people my mom touched. 

My husband, Heath, who hurts with me has been my rock...as always.  Picking up my slack with the kids and just being understanding about all of the weird things I am doing right now to stay sane. 

My amazing friends old and new.  So many faces at my moms funeral from my childhood.  This just amazed me.  I love you guys so much, Kim, Courtney, Misty, Kendra, Monica, and Angela.  Jana, who came from Houston and cried with me on the phone for hours.  Rachel, who has been down this awful  road before, knowing all too well my pain has been such an inspiration.  Abby, who has taken over my Thirty One business.  My team at work...who have all put in extra hours and time so that I can be out for two weeks to mourn my mom.  I am just in awe at how good people are.

I have set up a Memorial Site to honor my mom:  http://www.karensuehoffman.blogspot.com/ please send posts to hrclsechrist@yahoo.com

Last, if there is something on your mind today that want to do, somewhere you want to go, or someone you want to see...don't put it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow might not be what you planned it to be.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mommy

Today the world is losing the most amazing person, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  My Mom is going to be with her Creator. 

Caden, Mama Sue thinks you are the most special, amazing little boy.  You are her favorite grandchild because you were her first.  She is so proud of everything you do and will be watching you from Heaven and will be your biggest fan every day of your life.

Logan, Mama Sue says that you are the most beautiful boy she's ever seen, inside and out.  She laughs so hard at your stories and truly adores everthing you are and will be.

Presley, You are my gift from Mama Sue and her little clone.  You look just like her when she was a little girl and know that although you will not remember my most extraordinary Mom, I will try every single day of my life to give you just a peice of what she gave me - being the BEST mother in the world.

Good bye Mama Sue...My heart will bleed for you and never be the same.


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