Saturday, June 28, 2008

Madison Jo Hoffman

My niece. Arguably the prettiest newborn ever. Those C-Section babies sure do have it easy!!

Proud Papa...Fatherhood has done him well...

Jen and Brayden

Big Brother

Girls, girls, girls

Thursday we had a Happy Hour at work and Heath and the boys had boys night. They went to McDonald's and added the monkey to there collection (We only need the mantis, the Crane, and the muskrat). The also bought a mini-trampoline at Wal Mart. If you know my know they love to jump...jump off of furniture, jump furniture to furniture, any type of jumping. So when I got home this is what I found: Video of jumping (Beware, Logan turns mean...maybe b/c it was 9 o'clock and we were still jumping):

Another sleeping picture, just because. Friday night we kept Avery and Addy Coates while Jana and Mark moved some stuff over in there new house (walking distance from ours). We manipulated Logan into kissing Avery... I love this picture, it's like Avery is saying...Don't tell my Daddy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Part 2

Sunday afternoon we went to the Castle at Memorial City mall...I think Caden is getting a bit to big...he learned to walk at the Castle...and I think that Logan is too rough to play with other kids his age. I think he'll be really gentle with his baby sister, but man, I feel sorry for any other kids that get in his way right now.

Six Months Pregnant with Presley Grace


1. My first neice was born!!! Madison Jo Hoffman, 6lbs and 1 oz...Pictures to come.
2. My little brother Nick got a new job at Transocean and is moving to Houston!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend

We had a busy, fun weekend. Saturday we had 2 back to back birthday parties and then a wedding. The first party was our neighbor Abigail who turned 2 and the second was our soon to be nieghbor Avery's 2 year party at Pump It Up. Avery had an Elmo party and Elmo even made a special appearance. Caden enjoyed it but Logan was very skeptical. When we got into the car to leave I asked Caden if he thought it was cool that Elmo came to Avery's party. He said, Yeah, but I wish the real Elmo came and not one in a costume. Christmas should be interesting this year...Baby boy is growing up!!!

Our good friend Julie and Justin were married Saturday evening. Earlier in the day Caden asked what time we were going to the wedding. I said, Do you know who is getting married and he replied, Julie. I said, do you know who she is marrying and he said, Justin. I said, What is Julie going to look like at the wedding...he said...a Princess. During the wedding at the church (which the boys were angels at) Caden whispered that Julie and Justin looked like a Queen and King. At Four -- he's got the wedding thing figured out too! Several other kids were also at the reception. Ours enjoyed wrestling in the reception area and providing pretty much the entertainment for the evening while the wedding party was on there way to the reception. I am pretty sure most of the wedding guests were looking at Heath and I like...Why are you having another one? Oh well, we like being foolish!! :)

Logan and Caden were sharing there dance partner...

We also enjoyed the backyard this weekend...

Caden and his UMBRELLA...

My loving Logan...

Sunday we had more activities...we went to the Castle at Memorial City Mall and then we went swimming. (Thanks Nana for cleaning the house and doing all our laundry so we could PLAY all weekend!!) In one of the many photo shots of the boys...Caden said, Mom, Why do you keep taking so many pictures. I said, Caden, Mommy has readers...they would be disappointed! :) So, I have more to tell you about this weekend....TO BE CONTINUED.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Touching Reassurance

As many of you know, a girl that I work with was hospitalized at 26 weeks pregnant with what was assumed to be gallstones. A week later she changed hospitals and it turned out she had a severe intestinal infection and had to have surgery. She went into labor after and delivered a very premature baby. Both of them were fighting for there life and my friend has had multiple surgeries. Her family has decided that the baby, Haley, would be bapitsed today and taken off of life support. Since she was born disconnected from the placenta and she was not passing brain scans, her chances at any life is not possible. Being 24 months pregnant, a mother of 2, this has obviously hit me pretty hard.

When I found out that she was going to be taken off of life support today, I cried. Caden saw me crying and was very alarmed...he climbed up next to me and asked "mommy what happened". Never discussing death or even heaven with my 4 year old, I wasn't sure how to respond...but I just told him that my friends baby had died. His eyes got very big...he knew that was what was making me cry. He said, "Well, if your friends baby died then that baby will see Baby Jesus and if that baby sees Baby Jesus then she will wake up". I looked at him...completely floored. I grabbed him and said, "Caden, how did you know that? Who told you that?" He looked frightened by my alarm and he said, "I think Jesus told me".

Some day, I hope to be able to tell my friend that story. Or someone suffering from a loss of a baby. So simply put by a 4 year old. And I immediately felt so much peace...I knew he was right.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting ready for Baby Sister

This weekend we celebrated Heath's 28th birthday and Father's Day!!! Saturday night our friends Trey and Krystal brought over their baby girl Riley and Sunday we watched my friend Jana's baby girl Addy. Caden especially enjoyed the company and was providing them with our new "girl" stuff (pink blanket and baby doll for Presley).

Even Heath got some practice.

We also discovered a MASSIVE ant pile near our back patio. We were out of ant killer so we were unable to treat it right away. I pointed it out to the boys so they'd know to stay away. The next time we went outside, Heath discovered Caden had fed the ants. He took 4 cheese and peanut butter crackers and stuck them into the ant pile. At this moment, we are sure that EVERY single ant in firethorne is making it's way to our house.

Everyone knows that kids say the funniest things...I started this blog so that I could document the things my kids say...

Friday morning when I was getting ready for work, Caden had come in our bed early morning and when he awoke, the first thing out of his mouth was "Who's that cutie pie right there I see?". I looked at him, he was half asleep looking at me. I said, "Me"? He shook his head. Not sure if he'll ever know how much that meant to me, his 6 month pregnant mommy with bells palsy. :)

Saturday when I told Caden some friends were coming over for Daddy's birthday he asked, "Are Heath's parents coming"? He was dead serious.

Before bedtime Sunday night, Logan put my hands together and said, "Say players (prayers), Mommy". That not only brought the biggest smile to my made my feel like we were doing something right!!!

Presley was kicking pretty hard and Logan was laying with me so I tried to get him to feel the baby kicking. I said, "Logan can you feel Baby Presley kicking you?" He immediately picked up his foot and TRIED to kick my stomach right back. He said, "Baby kicked me"...Oh, poor, poor baby girl!!!

I know I take alot of pictures of my boys sleeping together...I am sure they will hate me for it someday -- I just think it's one of the most perfect sites in the world.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My next purchase: Stock in Disney &/or Dreamworks

So, McDonalds now carries Kung Fu Panda. I have to buy two of each...

Caden finally got his Nemo toys and then these things hit McDonalds. By the way, you can get a Happy Meal Toy at McDonalds without buying a happy meal. So, we currently have two Panda's...if you happen to enjoy McDonalds Happy Meals and get the toys -- please feel free to donate. If you don't know how these things work, McDonalds rotates toys weekly. Sometimes a location may not get all the advertised toys. So even if we go to the same McDonalds once a week there is a chance we will not collect all the toys and will have to find them overpriced on EBAY...

But honestly, how do you resist this face?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Saturday we went to a kid friendly Waterpark in Sheridan...we went when Caden was 2 and this time invited the Tiptons and a friend of Heath's with a 4 year old daughter. The kids had so much fun. Logan was a little skiddish at first but warmed up and went down a red water slide close to 500 times. The lifeguards got a kick out of him because he'd go up the steps and expect to just go down the slide at his leisure. They were probably thinking - where are this kids parents?? Anyway, Caden went down a slide he was too short for, until he got caught. He was quite the daredevil! On the hour drive to the waterpark, Caden and Logan made up new words to the Sugarland song, "All I want to do-ooo-ooo-ooo" but they put there own twist on it and it became "All I want to Poop-pooop-poop". This is them singing: Finally, We arrived: Sunday we saw Kung Fu Panda which the boys enjoyed. They ate an entire large popcorn (well Presley helped too). We also enjoyed the afternoons/evenings in the backyard...


Thirty One

Thirty One
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