Saturday, August 30, 2008

Logan gets the Gold!

Watching the Olympics this year...I related more to the parents of the kids competing than to the Olympians. Yes, at one time...I pretended to be Kari Strug...but this year, I worried with Michael Phelps Mom and cried with Shawn Johnson's mom when she won her gold.

I had my moment of living through my child today. Logan's first meet at the Little Gym. He was the best one. Really. Now, I can say this cause we've been involved in other things where our kids are not the best. As long as they have fun and behave...I could care less...(ahem, teeball). But I was one proud mama today as other parents gasped when my two year old jumped on the uneven bars swang his feet around and over the bar and then swung down, dismounted and even saluted. Bless this much as I loved gymnastics...I was never the best...sometimes I was most I did live through my child today and was so proud of him.

When we loaded the car afterward Heath said, he was really good...that means he'll be a good athlette...not a gymnast. Yes, yes, Hoffman Men reading and my husband...Gymnastics at two is not the same as gymnastics at 12 for a boy, I know this. We'll just wait to see what Logan chooses to do!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who needs Wipeout when you have Caden and Logan?

This video is priceless...the first two seconds anyway.

We watched Riley on Tuesday night and Logan about gave me a heart attack. How is Presley going to survive around our little bouncing flea? He does adore her though...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caden's World

So, Caden woke me up last night at 3AM to tell me that when Hook kidnaps Jane (Wendy's daughter in Neverland Returns) she tells Peter a funny story...he said, Do you want to know what she says? I was like, Sure, buddy, because he was laughing and really excited to tell me...He said, She says, "I am Wendy's Daughter", He even said it with an accent. Then he just went back to sleep. I love this childs mind.

I am sort of sad he isn't starting kindergarten this year. Because he's ready. Oh well...don't rush growing up, right? Heath asked me how much kindergarten cost the other day. I think I will start getting my husband a little more involved in the finances!!!! :) He doesn't even know that we pay taxes. :)

Caden is more into Drawing than anything right now. Here is a picture he made for me of me and Presley. Not sure why she is between my legs and not in my belly but I think more of an oversight than a delivery picture! :) We have an upcoming shower and men and kids are invited so I plan to let Caden and Logan open all of her gifts. They are so excited!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poop In the Potty!!!

This weekend was not truly eventful...however...we did have a milestone on Sunday because...GASP, Logan pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Caden was more excited than anyone as he remembered that I told Logan we'd go to chuck e cheese...of course, Caden remembers. Anyway, I don't plan on diving head first into potty training...but Caden was three before he ever did anything on the it is exciting!

We are still strong on the Pirate obsession as Logan is usually dressed in a pirate hat with a sword. We also found some Pirate tatoos so Sunday at church...the boys both had pirate tatoos for promotional Sunday where they meet there new teachers. Luckily Caden's teachers are Poppa and Nana but it took convincing to get Logan to leave his sword in the car at church...can you imagine? Hi, this is Pirate Logan with his tatoos and knife.

So, Sunday we went fishing in the Firethorne pond and caught a TON of perch!!!

We also went to the park and were surprised by how much Logan can do...It's like he's 4...not 2. Maybe many little brothers are that way. (Check out Logan's calf muscles)...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics 2008 -- Sechrist Style

In the spirit of the Olympics AND because I am soon to be home for 3 months with 3 myself. Logan is enrolling in The Little Gym. Anyone who knows Logan, knows this child was born to do something like Gymnastics...Heath is secretly hoping it'll turn into something a little more masculine...but he can't deny watching men's olympic contagious!! Anyway, I did the little gym with Caden when Logan was born...let's just say...he is not interested in reenrolling. Whew. Here is a little pre-enrollment gymnastics...Sechrist Style.

Monday, August 18, 2008


This weekend was somewhat uneventful...I got a few things for Presley's nursery...her letters which I covered with scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby! It turned out so well I redid Caden's letters!!!

Also, Logan has mastered climbing into Presley's crib and climbing out. I also found a teddy bear covered with a blanket in her crib. Great...I guess I have to put a stop to this before she starts sleeping in the crib. I can just see them piling all of there stuffed animals on top of her while she's sleeping.

Nana and Poppa went to Vegas to see Cher and brought back...Pirate costumes!!!
I am planning on having Caden's birthday party mid September since I am due the same day he was...I don't want to be miserably huge, delivering a baby, or at home with a newborn for his party. I don't think he'll mind having it a few days early! :)
Although he did instruct Daddy last night he needed to turn his playground into a pirate ship for the party...Haha, I get to do the party favors and cake...Heath gets to build a ship!

The boys also got there haircuts on Sunday....Logan was so sweet, he cried the entire time and then when he was finished, he said in the sweetest voice, It looks so cute. This is a shot on the way to church BEFORE there cuts.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Furniture!

We got our baby furniture on Friday!!! Poor Heath had a stomach bug, but I am nesting and wanted it set up asap. Caden and I built the crib...granted, it was a few screws and some directions...but we did a great job. I put Caden into the crib afterward to make sure it didn't collapse. It didn't! Caden put the washers on the screws and learned to use an allen wrench.

I love having my boys so close together...but what I wasn't expecting this pregnancy was how much I would enjoy Caden's understanding of it all. Logan doesn't realize what I am doing in the room, just that it's babies room. Caden knows her bow drawer and how to spell her name...everything is so interesting to him. He wants to know where I plan to keep her blankets and if she's going to need a clothes hamper. He's my little interior decorator!

Anyway, here are a few shots of our finished crib and dresser. We still need lots of decor and of course bedding (which is being custom made), curtains, etc...60 days and counting...My friends Krystal and Leslie are hosting a baby shower for me in September which includes husbands and kids. I think I'll let Caden and Logan open all her gifts...I know Caden will be SO EXCITED about it all.

We didn't do much else this weekend...We did make it to the park and have some cute shots from that. Yes, both boys need a haircut.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chic Fila Run In

So, I have to brag on my Caden. Some of you may be thinking, isn't that what you do on this each and every blog...well, yes, but you never really know if you have a good kid until you are put into a situation like we were the other evening.

Heath had some friends over for dominos so me and the boys went to Chic Fila to eat and play. There was a parentally challenged little boy there with his father who wasn't completely with it...The father was talking to himself and generally acting a little crazy. Anyway, the little boy was lacking inherent social skills of a normal 3-4 year old. He was annoying some older girls who didn't want to play with him and so they left which left this boy and my two in the play area. He started chasing Caden and hitting him on the back saying "You're tagged". Caden kind of enjoyed it and was playing around...letting him catch him and hiding. I thought, how sweet, cause I could tell Caden knew the boy was different and he was sort of letting him catch him...Then while going up the ladder the boy grabbed Caden by the shirt and pulled him back really hard. Caden looked at him and said, I don't want to play that game anymore. The boy spit in Caden's face. I jumped up and said, No, No. The father finally clued in and said, NO, that is naughty. (I don't think he even knew what happened). Caden didn't cry but said, I want to go home...I was desperately searching for soap and trying to clean him up while the other man just stared at me. I said, No, We aren't leaving...this boy is leaving b/c he spit on you. The man grabbed his kid and left. We enjoyed the rest of our time at the playground.

Okay, so I was proud at Caden for not losing his cool and retaliating at the boy and for not balling when he spit in his face. When the boy left, Caden said, that boy needs to go timeout. I said, so does his Dad!!

Anyway, Caden sort of made up for it the next day because he revealed a surprise after we picked him up from Ms Leslies. He had acquired 5 little dinosaurs from The Land Before Time. He was giving them to me and Heath as a surprise. I said, does Ms Leslie know you have these? He goes, Yep. I said, Let's call her and he looked at me and said, No we can't call her. He then admitted he'd borrowed them without asking and we explained that was called stealing. He returned them to Ms Leslie's immediately and told her he was sorry for stealing her dinosaurs.

I think Caden and I learned a few valuable lessons this week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Hurricane?

So, I was laughing at people making such a big deal about this hurricane...come on, it's a tropical storm. Let me quote someone from work, I need to buy water I live in an apartment...Seriously? But when I got the chance to stay home with the boys, I took it. We did NOTHING, but watch movies and play and I got to catch up on my blog.

We did little last weekend, had friends over Friday night, Nick bought a house in firethorne (2 blocks away) but other than that -- it was quiet. A few pictures of the boys...with Riley and riding in the car. Oh, and all Caden wants for his birthday now is a necklace with three people on it (like mine), a yo-yo like his friend Kyle at church (??? No telling), the little einsteins pyramid which the last time we were at Target had a red clearance sticker which Caden informed me meant that target was fixing to not have it anymore...luckily Nana picked up the last one. Should I be concerned my 4 year old understands clearance by the sticker? Anyway, and finally a Handy Manny Toolset. We also watched an infomercial on orphan boys in Africa and I showed Caden that those boys slept on the floor and didn't have bed, no food, no mommy, nothing. He ran up to get "some toys he never plays with". So, I think I'll let him give some to our missions director at church...maybe they could actually make it over to some kids that could actually use the toys.

Anyway, we are bearing the storm. :)

Do we have to do everything the same? Honestly when Caden does something, Logan says "watch me, Mommy, watch me" and then repeats it.

One more story only a mother can love, but it's funny. They've been watching the movie Happy Feet, which Logan just loves, and in the beginning the mom pengiun throws up in the babies mouth to feed her....this is their new thing. While in the bathtub today, Caden said, "logan, come here, Let me throw up in your mouth"...then I hear Caden pretend throw up and Logan and him just giggle.

WHEN DOES MY GIRL ARRIVE AGAIN???????????????????????


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