Monday, July 26, 2010


Caden and I are addicted to Nintendo DS Super Mario Bros...the other night we (meaning me) beat the game and the credits ran and it ended...Caden was very concerned of how it just ended and he was really bothered by it. The next morning he woke up extra early and said, Mom, I just don't get it. I said, What? He says how does it just end after we worked so hard on getting to all the levels. Poor guy...some kid at his school figured out how to access the game again so he can just keep playing all the different levels. Crisis averted.

Logan asked me if I could sleep with him. I said, No, I have to sleep with Daddy. He goes, Why? I said, well when you grow up and get married your wife will sleep with you every night. He said, I hope her name is Roni and she has your hair and your body. (Poor guy, set your standards a tad higher!)

Presley is in love with Puppies, babies and princesses. Somehow in our house of all boy movies and boy toys, she has discovered the Disney Princesses and with her being so sick last week her Nana & Poppa delivered a backpack, books and movie all Princess themed. She says "Chinchess (princess), No White (snow white), arrow (Ariel), Ella (Cinderella)...she calls all of them Mommy and the prince is always daddy. So sweet! So glad she is a girly girl. However if you havne't watched Snow White in quite some time I don't recommend it. It's very scary and there is even a part where this man goes into the forest and raises a knife over snow white to kill her...Presley and the boys watched with their jaws dropped....

Here are a few photos of our noneventful weekend...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Tuff Cookie

We've always known that Presley was a tough little girl, but she's been struggling with a cough for two weeks and was sent home twice last week with a fever...once home she was given tylenol and bouncing off the walls.

I finally made her a doctor appointment on Friday but almost didn't take her as she seemed fine...luckily I did b/c she has pneumonia. WHAT? We were sent for chest x-rays and Heath and I were both very upset we didn't take her in earlier, the doctor said not to be upset she was very sick but you wouldn't know if from her demeanor. That's my Girl!

Anyway, she has a ruptured air sack which is of concern and she is on lots of meds and breathing treatment...otherwise she seems fine!

Poor baby...

We went to Cheddars for dinner with my brother and Heath took Logan to the bathroom (3 times); at one point he was standing at the urinal and he slipped and busted his face on the urinal (FABULOUS!).

He was okay afterward as he was dancing and being silly...once they returned to the table though and told us what happened we realized Logan's nose was gushing blood and dripping into his bread. Nice! I guess this is where Presley gets her Toughness from b/c he was laughing and thought it was very humorous!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th and other randoms...

We had a fun time for the Fourth celebrating with family in FW as well as celebrating Mom's birthday!

We were also reminded of Fireworks safety when a bad firework landed on my nephews head...please remember when celebrating that you can't be too careful!

Uncle Nick's HOME! Nick's been in Singapore forever and Presley took full advantage of getting reacquanted!

Daddy and his fish...

She had a blast and didn't get out all day!

My sweet girl...

Logan does this every day, lays his clothes out for the next day, little OCD?
Caden, modeling his second lost tooth....
Ready for field day at school!
Fun times

And someone decided to switch clothes...I don't know what is funnier, the clothes or the poses!!

Good times = Future Blackmail!


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