Monday, January 31, 2011

Our American Idol

Have I mentioned she loves Ariel?  Seriously, Disney...HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun times

Caden got the flu on Thursday and Logan on Saturday evening.  It definitely was the sickest Caden has ever been...poor baby.  Not alot other than that going on this weekend, but I have some cute pictures and videos to post from the past week or so.

This reminds me of an engagement picture! 

 Silly boys

Our little firecracker -- full of personality, for sure.
 So in LOVE with her Daddy...

 Catching up on her gossip magazines following a manicure from Mommy...what a girl.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Torn "LSU"

It's January...UGH, year end close. Probably only Accountants or those married to Accountants understand the magnitude of that statement. And no, it's not April...Accountant does not equal Personal Tax Accountant...

The week before Christmas Heath tore his ACL and is having surgery tomorrow. We are excited that he will begin to heal but nervous about the recovery and keeep him in your prayers this week! During the week of the Cotton bowl when Ags played LSU - Caden said, Dad how is your LSU?

This weekend Heath and Caden enjoyed a night of hunting at the Redmond Ranch! It was a great time had by all. Afterward, Caden asked me if I loved animals and that was why I didn't hunt...which I wasn't sure how to reply...because I wouldn't say I am an animal lover and am not against hunting as my family is a long line of farmers and hunters...I just don't want to hunt...much like Heath doesn't want to shop. My 7 year end can't seem to understand how I wouldn't want to sit in a deer blind for hours in silence waiting to see a buck and then flip through the deer management book to see if I can shoot it...then if I shot it - cleaning the animal carcus and spending a ton of money either mounting the deer or processing the meat. Um, I'd rather scour the mall for the perfect pair of jeans!

The one that got away!
The Doe they shot
Caden, 7 and Keaton, 3...if you can believe that. 

My lil Man!

Poor baby zebra!
When I was so appalled that a picture was taken of this poor defenseless little zebra...Caden said...Mom, it's nature!  Poor baby.

Other things in our world:
Copping attitude during dress up!

I love my lil Miss Piggy!

Enjoying the fire
PG spends a lot more time in time out since turning 2!!
Hank enjoying the fire...
My attempt at getting a group picture

Caden without his top tooth teeth!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Jackson

My kids ADORE Michael Jackson's music...for Christmas they recieved the Wii dancing game and a CD of his greatest hits.  Presley knows him by name and says Shamon and Oowww if you ask her what he says.  Here is a cute clip of Logan and Presley dancing to the Wii game....this was early on and they've really improved so I'll have to do another one soon and include Caden.

Our puppy is getting big and a very good dog!

Sporting her swim suit in January...why not?

Before Church


Thirty One

Thirty One
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