Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Lost Boys

This is Caden's and Logan's reenactment of The Lost Boys from Peter Pan...with a slight case of the giggles. You must watch both videos till the'll get you laughing too!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Papa Joe Coggins Jr.

Saturday morning my grandfather passed away. He was 85 and lived a long full life...however, his death wasn't without its surprise and anguish. He will be forever missed. I have some really fond memories of Papa...#1 He loved my Mama...not like most married the Notebook type of love. He just absolutely adored her. When she died 5 years ago, I was pregnant with Caden and Heath asked him the key to a successful marriage...he told him, to never, ever be angry with one another at the end of the day. We've very much taken that advise to heart.

Also, he loved his Aunt and my mom were not his biological daughters...their father was killed in a military plane crash but he came along very shortly after and I honestly believe, it was how it was just intended to be. If you ask my mom or my Aunt, I know they'd never, ever have had it any other without their Daddy would be incomprehensible to them. Papa and Mama had Jack and their family was complete!

He LOVED his grandchildren. He was practically a father to my cousins who didn't have one and he always made each and everyone of us feel like the center of his universe. He would pull me into his lap and tell me how beautiful I was and that I looked just like my Mama (which to him was the end all of compliments). He called me Roni Sue and had similar nicknames for claim them to whoever they resembled the most, to him. I am so at peace with Papa's death...mainly because he's home with Mama...I think she greeted him at the door with 3 kisses on the mouth and a "How dee do?" A few things special to me about his funeral...Caden was in the room when I heard the news and my need to sensor my conversation was second to making sure that my Mom was okay...after I hung up with her and started packing to get to Corsicana...Caden asked, If Papa was okay and why was he bleeding? I told him Papa went to Heaven to be with Jesus and the Angels and since he's been told that before he seemed very okay with it...he asked if Mama Sue was okay and I assured him she was. He talked to her on the phone and asked her and told her he loved her.

The morning we left for the funeral, Caden told me he had a great idea to make Papa feel better...he'd draw him a picture of Papa's favorite place...his home. He drew a house on grass with my Papa standing next to it about 4 times larger than the home...Papa was complete with his glasses and grey hair. He even drew his shoelaces. He wrote Papa's name on top and Caden's on the bottom. My Mom insisted this go with Papa to heaven so we put it in his coffin. My mom and Aunt also put a single red rose so he'd have to greet Mama in Heaven. Caden was very comfortable seeing Papa and asked to see him several times. He also made sure that I was doing okay. He and Logan enjoyed playing with his cousins/2nd cousins almost all boys and swimming at the hotel.

Before the funeral Heath and I instructed the boys there would be no talking, no running, no crying at the funeral...Logan repeated with a very serious face..."No talking, No running, No crying...Not me Mommy, not me." As we were getting out Caden said, "Mom, tell me the truth, why do we have to be quiet?" I said, well, it's like church...he said is it because Papa is asleep on his way to heaven...which seemed like such a better answer so I said, yes. He then, holding his favorite stuffed monkey, asked if Papa would want to take his monkey with him to Heaven...wiping away a tear I said, No, I think Papa would want you to keep your monkey... Both boys were Angels at the funeral and My Mom spoke about how wonderful of a Dad Papa was. It was a very touching ceremony and very much the end of an era. Mom and her brother and sister have taught us a valuable lesson about returning the love of a just do what you do and anything less is not an option.

A few randoms pictures and videos...

Caden at the hotel, it's not a bikini top, it's his goggles! Also, his beard.

And the INFAMOUS Pirate Ship...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snapping Turtles

So, Heath brought home a snapping turtle. One of our neighbors found it in his garage and thought we'd want it??? The Turtle went in the backyard and stayed in it's shell until we went in. The boys watched him through the window and he made it all the way to the back of the fence. We had to corral him back with a toy rake and keep him in a box until they lost interest. Poor Turtle...he escaped our backyard shortly after his release from the box.

No Pirate ship yet...each day we go to the mailbox and are upset that nothing came. Maybe tomorrow.

A few family our Kung Fu Panda Masks....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, we ordered the Pirate Ship. Online. This kid has talent...he may become a negotiator.

Logan has completely taken over the first Peter Pan figurines we ordered from EBAY. He keeps Peter in one hand at all times and the other hand has either Wendy, Hook or Mr. Smee. Logan has been named Mr. Smee by Caden. He'll answer but assures Caden he's Peter Pan NOT Mr. Smee. We will probably have two Peters for Halloween and one Tinkerbell. Heath is trying to convince Caden how cool he'd be as Hook...He would prefer not to see both his sons in green tights.

So, we check the mail...Please mail carrier have the Pirate Ship today...PLEASE!

Also, last night I came home with a horrible headache. I snuck into Logan's room to nap(which has the most privacy and is very quiet)...I woke up to Logan several times...once he had all his Nemo characters balanced on top of my belly. Then the next time he was lifting my eye by my eyelashes...I woke up and he said, Well, Good Morning, Mommy. Poor baby...he probably wonders why his Mommy is so tired and getting so big!!!

Anyway...I'll keep you posted on the Pirate Ship.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love Languages

I remember when I was pregnant with Logan -- I was so worried about how everything would affect Caden's world. Would he be okay, would I have time for him too, who would watch him when I went into labor...Would I even love the new baby as much as I loved Caden. Everyone who has had a child probably feels this way...especially because the love of your first child can be so think you can have it again doesn't seem conceivable. Then there was Logan...

So, now I find myself pregnant again...wondering is Logan going to be okay, will I have enough time for him, who will watch him/put him to sleep/etc. Caden 100% understands this pregnancy...he knows that it's a girl and she lives in my stomach and in October she'll come out and live with us for good. Logan will answer a baby is in mommy's belly but he also thinks one lives within his belly...He knows her name is Presley, that her room is pink and brown...but man, he hasn't a clue.

I've always known Caden was very independent. When he'd fall as a toddler, he'd go to anyone, he never had any problems having someone else feed him, put him to bed, etc.

Logan is not independent. He is a momma's boy through and through. He needs a chunk of my hair to fall asleep and when I first returned to work, he wouldn't eat at the daycare for several weeks. His Nana had to pick him up at noon until he got over his depression. So, I am scared to death. I know I'll love Presley, as much as the boys and in her very own way. However, where is she going to go? I only have two hands, two sides, Logan won't let her take his spot and I am sure Caden will be fine sharing...but it's just sometimes overwhelming...will all 3 know how much I love them equally?

Love Languages...I learned about this through Church. There are five basic love languages and once you learn someones, you can show your love for them through their love language. I won't bore you with mine and Heath's but will share with you the boys. Caden's is hands down Gifts. Now, everyone knows that Caden has an OCD personality and has always been a collector of toys...but any gift makes his day. A chocolate rice krispie treat, or one time I got him an eraser, anything that you gift to him...really makes his day brighter. He often draws me pictures or gives me a toy of his...I know this is Caden saying, I love you! Also probably explains why Christmas means so much to him. And honestly he LOVES giving gifts as much as receiving (okay, almost as much, but he's 4).

Logan's love language is physical touch. He's played with my hair since he was 4 months old. He nursed for a year and has to have his hands on some other person while he sleeps. I will let him fall asleep holding onto my neck (he has to make sure that he can feel my breath on him too..he'll literally move my chin until I am where he wants me). Once asleep I'll replace myself with Caden...he usually doesn't even notice, as long as he is touching someone. Also, the amount of kisses I receive from this boy in one day is breathtaking. I am not a kissing person...except of course, with my boys...He gets it from his daddy...and why I think he'll be such a ladies man.

Anyway, I know I'll look back on this blog after my baby girl arrives and laugh...and I don't stress over it at's just right now she's not here...and I can't imagine having to put Logan down...not yet!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party Animals!!

It was a weekend of parties!!! We had a Daystrom Lane Block Party as well as Bryce's 2nd Birthday Party! After the Block party Caden said he would sleep for a long time b/c he was at the party for way too long!! I hear ya Caden!

I didn't get too many pictures at the block party b/c I was busy visiting but we had a terrific turnout and met some awesome neighbors. So many kids the boys ages and more to come. I LOVE Firethorne.

Logan riding on the back of a four wheeler!

Our kids will never know how to pedal a bike!

Bryce turned 2 last week and had a NEMO party Sunday to celebrate! It was a lot of fun and Bryce was very gracious to share all his gifts.

Logan and Abigail. One of many of Logan's girls.

The Tipton Boys came over so Brent and Leslie could prepare for the party...They were ready to get the party started!

Also, Heath landscaped our yard and it has done so well. Someday he wants to start his own business renovating properties and designing yards. So, I thought I'd do a little advertising plug!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love Bugs!!! my boys are like a married couple. They can make each other more mad than anyone else and they can love each other like no one else. I caught this moment on video...yes they were acting for the attention but they think being married means kissing...maybe cause there Mommy and Daddy are so in love, but probably because Shrek got married and kissed! :)

Also, this WILL be played at there rehearsal dinner someday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday America and Mama Sue!

We took our (somewhat) annual trip to Fort Worth for the Fourth of July, my Mom's birthday is Monday the 7th...she turns 60, since she had me when she was self centered self is focused on the fact that I am turning 30. I figure by the time you turn 60 -- you realize you are older...30, that is the beginning of getting old and it's harder on me than her! Well, that is how I rationalize it.

We made the trip on Thursday evening and the boys slept and watched movies. Caden only asked how much longer 15 times...Heath kept count.

Friday my Aunt had the entire family (which is considerably larger than ever before) over for swimming and bbq. My nephew Brayden took his floaties off and I pulled him out of the bottom of the hot tub...he was scared but fine. I only put this on here to remind everyone the importance of never taking your eyes of kids in a swimming pool. Brayden is turning 3 next month and he looks like he could be 5 so sometimes his abilities are scared everyone pretty bad, especially Bray and Aunt Roni!

The boys (Dads) all enjoyed doing fireworks and we were pretty sure they enjoyed it more than the kids...Logan was surprisingly part becuase the show fireworks on Disney World Live video and since Mickey is okay with it, I guess he figured he was too! I don't have pictures of Friday because I forgot my camera in my car.

Saturday we went to my Dad's and had the four grandchildren together. Gma Laurie bought the boys bubbles and finger paints...what started off innocently enough...

Turned into:

Sunday we had everyone over at my Mom's and Heath and Nick worked on Mama Sue's yard. They did stone borders and mulch and flowers. Happy 60th Mama Sue!!!

I got lots of Madi Jo time -- so did Logan. I cannot wait until mine is here!! Madi is a fantastic baby -- very easy and sleeps really well. Robbie and Jennifer had there hands full with Brayden as a baby with colic and acid reflux, they were pleasantly surprised to have an 'easy' baby.

Bray, Cade and Logan played really well together and bond more and more every time they get together. Logan especially enjoyed all the Ladies: Madi, Aunt Jen's sister Katie, Jen's Mom and Aunt Jen. He's such a Ladies Man!

Nick is coming home with us...starting his new job on Tuesday...after the weekend of helping with the boys...I am not sure Heath and I will ever let him move out!


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