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Merry Christmas

We've been busy at our house getting ready for Christmas and just living life.

We celebrated my 33rd (sigh) birthday, participated in a Christmas Concert at church and the boys enjoyed a weekend in Fort Worth at my Dad's ranch hunting.  Caden even shot is first doe.  We actually ate some of it tonight and it was very good!  

Presley's very good friends Avery & Addy got to spend the night so Mark and Jana could go to a company Christmas party....the girls were so fun and had a great time.

 Our church Christmas Concert.  Notice Presley is right in front of the boys to start the show...
 She then disappeared....she ran off stage.

I hesitated posting this video because you can hear me singing in it.  I thought I was mouthing the words because the songs were not the easiest for little kids to sing...but apparently noise came out (not singing but more noise)...Please disregard and just focus on my cute kids!  Also, check out Jacob, the little boy front row who is adjusting his fly -- kids are too cute!

 Presley and Daddy playing...
 Baby Julie is in Big Trouble.

 Presley gets ahold of my camera and sometimes I get some cute surprises when I upload the pictures.  Daisy, Logan and Ariel had a photo shoot with Presley.

Such a little Sechrist -- She LOVES to clean!

We are counting down to Christmas day and have a big surprise in store so stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Sunday, December 4th, Heath had the honor of baptizing Caden. Caden prayed the prayer to accept Jesus into his heart a few weeks ago and we are so proud of his very grown up decision.

Heath is in Seminary and this along with our amazing Church Family (literally family) and the loss of my mom this year all played an important role in ushering Caden to his decision.

Friday night my company had a Christmas Party with Dinner and Dancing - it was a ton of fun and a much needed night out for both Heath and I.

 How dare we leave Presley out!
 Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving came and went.  To be honest, I am glad it's over.  We normally spent it with my Mom so I was sort of feeling the blues.  Its funny on these holidays -- it's not so much the actual day but the whole leading up to it that is difficult.  Actually, just last year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my moms house and she hosted the entire family.  Just one short year ago...http://www.cadenloganpresley.blogspot.com/2010_11_01_archive.html

Boys got to go hunting with Daddy over the break.  They were pretty pumped.

 Logan fell asleep standing up...he is so funny - when he's out - he is out!
 Presley and I were able to attend the boys Thankful parties at school.  Caden didn't pay too much attention to us being there so I didn't get too many pictures of him.  He's too cool for us.

 Logan was excited to see us!  Can't ya tell?

 On Wednesday, I made a trip to my mom's gravesite in Corsicana (3 hour drive one way) and my dear friend Rachel volunteered to ride with me.  Rachel also lost her mom and has been a very great friend to me over the past year.  Anyway, she didn't know my Mom well so I was very excited to "introduce her" to my mom.

Sadly my grandparents house (the house my mom was raised in) was demolished just weeks earlier.  However the mailbox stood proudly.

 Front yard tree...
 Tree around the back

So as we were going to leave, Rachel says - Roni, you have to get that mailbox...so we proceed to borrow shovels from the nieghbor and dig three feet down to get my grandparents mailbox!  The address stands proud and you can still make out the name on the top when you look up close.  I am scouring pinterest looking for ideas to fix it up and reuse it -- but welcome any ideas!

On thanksgiving this year we celebrated with Heath's parents and his grandfather, Poppy!

Poppy sure enjoyed Presley!

 And thought the boys were cool too...
Four generations....

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!  I hope you all were able to really enjoy the company of friends and family. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Presley is taking ballet at her school on Wednesdays.  I have not seen her practice since she has it during the day so her first dance recital had me so excited and nervous for her that I could barely stand it....

Baby girl did so good!!!!  The boys were both so sweet to her telling her how good she did. She's been to like 1000 of the boys games so it was nice that she was able to be the one performing.

Her class is technically the 2 year old class since she just turned 3 and they did pretty good considering how young.  We were impressed that they all stayed on stage!

She was a bit nervous...but Daddy put her at ease.
With her friend Addison

With Brooklyn

She looks like a puppy dog here....

With Chloe!
And after her performance with Nana.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Have I mentioned I love my neighborhood?  I love my neighbors and my Church group who happens to be mostly all neighbors. We got together for a cul de sac dinner and trick or treating and the kids had a BLAST!  It was so much fun!

I normally dress the kids up in coordinating costumes, however this year....I was out voted.

Caden was a Bakugon Dragon

Logan was a Power Ranger/Ninja

And Presley was Tinkerbell!  (shown here with Sleeping Beauty aka Celia)
The princesses

Counting the loot....


Thirty One

Thirty One
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