Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Bunch of POOP

So, we have a house full of vomiting and diarhea...Presley seems to have taken the biggest hit and since she's the only one not potty trained = lots of nastiness for Mommy!!! (And Nana!)

Pretty girl...

Best Friends....

More birthday gifts...Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon!

And a little bonus picture....not to gross you out but to prove that she is gross...she slept in this all night and this is how I found her sleeping soundly in the morning. GROSS!!!!!
All cleaned up...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday LogiBear!!


You turn 4 today!!!

Logan, you make your Mommy and Daddy so proud...you have to be the sweetest, most thoughtful little boy I have ever met. You have a charisma that people fall in love with...which is why we have deemed you a ladies man. You are so loyal and are an amazing friend. Everyone should have a "Logan".

Right now you are in preschool and have so many friends. You will feed your little sister your extra food and bring her toys to her bath or crib. You have an unwavering devotion to your big brother and making him happy makes you happy. If Caden is in timeout for taking a toy away from you - you will take it to him to make him feel better. When we moved into our new house and I asked you what your favorite thing about the house is...your immediate response was...You, Mommy...and your favorite time in the world is when Daddy is home from the rig and you spend all of your days with him - just the two of you.

You have every single one of your Daddy's best qualities and you look just like him...you like to have your family together and for your birthday this year you have asked to go to Sea World and Six Flags...you don't care about presents and want to share your happiness with us. I love you Logan, more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Baby...prepare to be spoiled!!!!

A look back to March 2006

One year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Aquarium & Oh Presley

The Aquarium...

On the way to church on this BEAUTIFUL, fleeting Spring Day the kids and I decided after church we'd go to the Aquarium. Caden and I have been for a field trip with Tigerland but I had wanted to take Logan and PG for sometime.

We had a blast. Presley is somewhat of a scaredy cat but she was very interested which is cute. I'll spare any details and just post pictures.

Logan preferred the stingrays from below...
But Caden couldn't get enough of them...
Logan, the Tigers are behind you!
The beautiful white tigers...

Three mean tigers...
Logan the tiger...
Us on the ferris wheel (minus Caden, someone had to take the photo)
Presley, SCARED to death...
The boys fished for a guitar...those were fun to carry around...
One of the many sharks...

Presley making a roar...when asked what a tiger says.
Logan, Say Cheese.
And Caden was making the most sweet smile but has recently become annoyed by my obsessive picture taking and right before the flash makes faces that make mommy angry!

Oh Presley...

Lately I find myself saying things to my one year old that I wouldn't have conceived possible before this little bottle of personality was introduced to our family...a few include:

Presley, you cannot eat more than one cheeseburger for dinner.

Presley, don't cuss out your brother like that, it's ugly.

Presley, is this strawberry poptart smashed into your hair?

Oh...this child is going to be our biggest challenge...not only cause she's got so much attitude (which when they page her at school they say "Miss Attitude") but b/c she can disguise herself with the sweetest little smiles and shy flirtiness but I know the truth...she can be MEAN! :)

I can say all this b/c she is just like her momma! My Mom is reading this blog with a smile cause she knows that I am paying for my raising...tenfold!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caden's phone conversation with Daddy

Hey Daddy....

Yeah Mommy is stretching (stressing) me out....she's just ignoring (annoying) me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

School Carnival

Logan has you believing he really is Spiderman, doesn't he?

Friday, March 5, 2010

My little fashionista

Sometimes I shop at lunch for Miss Priss...I guess I could get stuff for the boys too, but I tend to drift toward her section. Last night I brought a few outfits home and in her exhaustion she still had fun trying them on. The dress will have to be exchanged for (GASP) a smaller size (even though it's 2T, it's exciting news!)

Anyway, I thought I'd share...

Skinny Jeans...

These are booty shorts...luckily for her she's got short legs so she can get away with them as they go to her knees! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's that thing they call RODEO

My baby boy participated in his first Rodeo. He was a Muttin Buster and we were so proud of him for his 1 second ride which he proudly tells everyone his sheep (Wooly Bully) stepped on his head. Such a cowboy! Please ignore my screaming (Why must I talk in all the videos?)

You will notice that Logan is missing, he was in attendance but very sick with Strep Throat (yes, we took our kid to the rodeo with Strep but didn't know he had it until the next day)...anyway, he told us that Sick people aren't cowboys...so he didn't dress up nor did he participate in the Stick Horse Race...

You can see he was asleep in this picture in Nana's lap.

And a Little bit of Miss Hollywood, she is OBSESSED with accessories . She loves jackets, sunglasses, purses, cell phones, Anything to glam her up...

Wearing her Build a bear Sunglasses...


Thirty One

Thirty One
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