Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to the Moon, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Thank you so much for the last 6 months, for staying home while awaiting your rig assignment. We have had a blast sleeping in with you every morning, having you take and pick us from preschool and for bonding with us more than ever!

We are so proud of you for making this sacrifice to support your family and we are very excited about your new career. We know you are worried about Mommy taking care of us alone and that we will forget you for the three weeks you are gone...but rest assured, we will be counting down the days for our 3 weeks of fun "Daddy" time.

We love you Daddy, back to the moon!

Your boys and PG! (& Mommy too)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Video Enjoyment...

Presley & Logan

Crawling (Chasing Logan)

Caden baptising Logan

Logan baptising Caden

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, Boys...

The other night Caden had a random accident in bed and when I was changing the sheets in the middle of the night and transporting kids out of pee sheets, Logan said, "Caden's Three Now?"...

Our next door neighbor Britney had to have her appendix taken out this week and I was talking to her mom, Angie and I asked if they were allowing her to eat ice chips....Caden was listening intently and when I hung up he said, "Does Britney have to eat chips with ice on them?" He also wanted to know if she swallowed a domino to make her tummy hurt.

Caden wants to know things like how the steering wheel connects to the tires and what makes them turn and why God made ants, mosquitos and bees since all they do is hurt people...(Yes, we need refresh on Lion King, cause my answer was that they'll teach that to you in school when you are 7)...he bought it too!

Everyone is Logan's girlfriend and he is going to marry them...usually it's me or Presley but he'll gladly sell us out for a cute, young number...At WalMart he told the young blonde cashier..."I love you, you are my girlfriend"...she got all flattered and I wanted to say...he says that to all the girls, but I let her feel special. He also hit on a lady at the pool in her bikini...said, "I'm cool, I'm three and I pee in the potty"...all the while he was strutting around her...she realized that he was totally hitting on her.

I was baptised last Sunday at church...since I was raised Catholic, it was a step I to do for the Baptist Church...the boys were intrigued to say the least...afterward Logan asked..."Can I see Jesus in your heart now?"...I said, no but he's in there...so both he and Caden opted to 'feel' him...Caden said, Yep, he's in there.

Good to know!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not much to say, but

Oh how this child can melt my heart.

Not so happy about sharing the spotlight with her brother...

She came around...but who wouldn't for Logan?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Budgeted Weekend

Our Church small group this summer is doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Needless to say, summertime appears to be a good time to do this as there is so much to do without spending any money. Friday we went to the lake and park and Saturday we swam...

Here are a few pictures from our budgeted weekend...

Caden let's Daddy cast and wait...he prefers to reel it in once it's hooked. Smart guy!

Presley never even saw the fish next to her...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ChaCha Slide and Poop Toys

My office had Earth Day yesterday...I went to get some free stuff and found a booth that had an odd looking little stuffed toy...I scored two of them for the boys b/c I knew that they'd find an uncanny resemblence to their favorite funny subject! I was right...they even slept with their poopy heads!

They even made them their own cars to ride around in.

Last week I realized the boys had learned the cha cha slide at school. I had to share. Caden is perfectly on beat...Logan about 3 steps behind the entire dance!

We also got Caden's report card from his three teachers. He can do everything except name 2 of the four seasons (which he now knows), his Teacher told us he is SOOOOOO ready for Kindergarten! Yeah, Caden passed preschool...we are so proud of you buddy! I am in denial that my little baby will be in kindergarten in just a little over two months....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eaney Meany Miney...Mo?

They boys decided Presley needed a matching mohawk (Logan calls it a moohawk). She got a bath one...

Presley's hair is growing and her eyes and bluer than blue. She looks alot like me and also alot like the two boys melded together. Which is odd since everyone says the boys look just like Heath. One thing for sure, she got her Daddy's baby blues!

Such a good car rider...especially with that thumb & lovey!

They boys are looking more and more alike every day...

Happy Girl!

Mean Boys

Cousin Brayden...

Cousin Madison...

We went to Babe's (The BEST restuarant in the world)!! The boys LOVED dancing with the Ladies (as Logan says)!

Silly boys!!!! Footnote, Brayden is 8 months older than Logan and two years younger than Caden...


Thirty One

Thirty One
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