Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun times & laughter

Saturday evening hanging with neighbors...

Look out boys, blond hair blue eyed bombshells! Presley & Addyson = Trouble

the boys fighting for Celia's attention, can you blame them?

I so wish I woke up this happy and beautiful!

Not sure what this face is all about?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What have I created?

Presley's new thing is to try on my shoes...she goes into my closet and brings out 10pairs of shoes a night. Trying them on and walking around in them before getting a new pair.

She is also fond of getting clothes from her drawers to try on. I must commend that she often times is better at matching then her Daddy is, but it's pretty funny to watch...does this mean opinions about what she wears is next? GASP!

This picture if from Heath's surpise Party last weekend...Thanks, Kyle & Kristen, we had so much fun with everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Heath finally turned 30. I am 31 and a half so having him turn 30 is a very welcoming more, "I'm still in my twenties" or "Mommy, you are way older than Daddy"...I guess until we are 41 and 39 and oh gosh, every 10 years after that!!!

We had a very fun, relaxing weekend.

Logan and Presley doing each others hair...

Now for some boy stuff, Logn is red spiderman and Presley is black spidergirl...
Presley, Spidergirl should not be loving on Mickey Mouse!
A birthday party where we said Goodbye to our very close friends the Tiptons who have moved to Oklahoma for Brent's Job...we will so very much miss you guys!!!

And for some backyard swim time...way too hot to do anything else.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is here. Caden is spending the summer with old friends at Tigerland and is somewhat excited. He got a Nintendo DS for a perfect report card for all of Kindergarten and we couldn't be more proud of him. He gets to do a ton of really fun stuff at Tigerland so that is good. We get to go back to paying for (what feels like) the Tigerland Building with three kiddos in daycare full time. Ouch!

Presley got her haircut this weekend and it was just me and her while the boys went to see Shrek, she did well and seemed to enjoy it. No worries, you can't even tell I cut was just a healthy trim! He pigtails are back to full spring! (so a third child cause I didn't even take a camera!) I did get some locks for her keepsake box --- which I've yet to really start.

Before church, sporting her new 'do'

These days Presley loves to read...she always picks a girly book and just sits and reads to herself. She has a major fascination with shoes still and will wear them to bed...

She loves her bed...if she's ready to go to it she'll say Night night and walk into her room and wait at her crib until someone puts her in it.

Logan is as sweet as ever...he is doing really well with his letters - the other day he wrote the alphabet and I didn't know he could write his letters...he wrote his full name like...come on Mom, where you been?

Boys watching NBA finals...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kinder Grad, Daisy and Chatterbox!

This Thursday my baby becomes a first grader. I think I am more emotional about him finishing Kindergarten than I was when he began it. He just started and it's already over? He learned an AMAZING amount and we just adored his teacher. She made this very transitional year easy for us!

My mom came into town this weekend with her new puppy, Daisy. This was a big weekend b/c of Logan's Phobia of dogs. The weekend started well...he was skeptical at first and kept his distance but by the end of the weekend...he was toting her around everywhere. It was really great to see his confidence grow and although I don't think he'll be volunteering at the local animal shelter...I do think he'll be more able to acclimate himself around animals. The other two enjoyed Daisy too, and of course, Mama Sue.

Logan pretending to be the puppy...

And this little Lady...

well let's me tell you that this weekend Caden, Logan, Heath and I all looked at each other and thought..."Who taught this girl to talk?" It is non stop 90 to nothing relentless on your nerves chatter...

After a three day weekend at home I am reminded of a conversation I had when Caden was four months old and someone told me that their 2 year old and 5 year old was spending a week with first thought was how could you leave your children a week? Granted, I still have yet to do that myself but only cause I can't find anyone to take all three for a week!


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