Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Football Hives

I bought Heath tickets to the Texans/Cowboys game for his 30th birthday and although the Texans lost, we had a great time and our seats were amazing!

We went with our favorite Cowboy fans...Rick and Angie

Angie sporting her Texans shirt and Cowboys hat...
Don't ask....
This was before we lost...

A few action shots...

The Reenactment...

Presley wanted to know why no one threw her the ball?

The HIVES...Poor PG, she got so sick last week and was diagnosed with Strep throat, two ear infections, and a bladder infection. We got on Amoxicillin only to break out all over in horrific HIVES. So, our doctor has concluded that Presley is allergic to penicillin. Poor BABY!

Have a great day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hunt and The Texans!

Caden has gotten up at 3:30 AM two weekends in a row to go hunting with this Daddy. He's such a little redneck!

Like Father like son!

Our friend Justin's dog, this is such a neat picture
No hunt is complete without a photo with the Game Warden!

And why is my 6 year old holding a gun barrell?
The two biggest Texan's fans!

My babies

The girls

Our Jam session! Who doesn't listen to Michael Jackson on the way to church?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Business

I have returned to work, it was a challenging week for me getting back in the swing of things but I managed...I missed my kiddos a bunch though! The freedom of being a boy...and what a cute lil bootie! Caden learned to ride his bike without training wheels (yes I realize he's nearly 7) so Presley enjoyed walking around and supervising while Logan was just well Logan... Pg has become quite the lil Mommy to this baby doll in particular. She sleeps with her and during the week when she gets home from school she goes to her crib to get her baby, she gets so excited when she sees her! If you know Presley at all, you know her passion for all things food...I bought some sushi rolls at HEB, at this almost 2 year old ate 4 in one sitting. She even says "I love Sushi" Caden and Daddy have managed to get a little hunt in... Heath takes the kids to school in the morning and they are always jamming out to a CD, it just amazes me how much all three of them are into music and know particular songs. Heath has stumbled onto a Michael Jackson Greatest Hits CD and they LOVE it! Presley's imitation of MJ:
Logan and Presley are into photography. I often have little surprises on my camera when I upload are a few that I didn't take... And Caden's Bike Ride:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

All about those babies!

The infamous, Daisy! My mom's dog that is the only dog Logan has ever been comfortable around and really the best kid dog I have ever seen...what my three kids put this dog through during my surgery and the fact that she never seemed to mind a bit, I love you Daisy!

My little superhero Video game fanatics! Caden's Karate Class...who knew karate cost more than a new car...still deciding if we are going back but it was fun to do a trial class! Could a girl have any more princess attire on? These are pj's, no princess attire out of the house!
Oh wait, she forgot her princess cell phone! Rock and roll day My little bath beauty! She LOVES getting her haircut. The entire time she says OOOOOHHHH, so pretty! Surgery pictures:

Around each ear I have an incision from the top of my ear down under my ear lobe. I still have no sensory nerves in my ears yet and if you told me I had ear implants, I would totally believe you. My entire face was swollen and bruised for a week. My eyes were black. Four incisions in my leg to disect the nerve from my calf muscle.

Today I feel really good. My energy is up again and I feel somewhat normal. The tube that goes from one ear to the other under my nose is DRIVING ME NUTS b/c I can feel it and move it around. I am hoping I get used to it but I compare it to an oxygen tube that someone has that goes into your's the same size but under my skin!


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