Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little of this, A little of that...

Heath has decided to take another job that will keep him home with us all the time. This decision was not taken lightly and took much thought and prayer. He gave his notice three days before the Rig from our company in the Gulf of Mexico had the explosion and fire. Let's just say on Wednesday evening when he would have been leaving for his hitch...everyone said a little prayer of thanks.

On our way to church...

I do take more pictures of Presley than the boys, but can you blame me...they completely ignore me.

Logan has become obsessed with Avatar. Last night I heard him saying..."I am spiderman, No, I am Avatar, No, I am spiderman, No..." Poor baby, his alter egos are fighting (that or his split personalities!)

Such a little Mommy.

And this is how the boys resorted to entertaining themselves Saturday afternoon while the girls napped...


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo Shoot - Maybe not?

On a whim this weekend I took Presley to get her portraits made...I thought she'd love it, she obviously enjoys having her picture taken and is such a ham. Well she loved the sitting area outside and getting all pretty for the picture...but as soon as we walked into the studio she freaked out. She was scared of the background, the photographer, the curtains, and the red light that shows you were to stand...pretty much everything. I ended up being in half the shots and let's just say that was not the point. We managed to get a few decents shots but it was a pretty funny experience. Who knew?

This picture just cracks me up...little less cheese please...
And the official Presley look. I bought this and the lady must of thought I was crazy...but this is totally our little girl.

Sweet girl...
I had two other outfits and well...we didn't get that far!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heath is okay...

The rig explosion in the GOM was not Heath's rig, but please keep the crew members and the poor families in your prayers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outdoor fun!

We are enjoying the Spring weather. It's short so we soak it up!

What do three kids in timeout look like?

PG picked these sunglasses out and knows she's stinking cute in them.

At our friends Chris and Shannon Yancy's to welcome thier beautiful baby girl, Caroline!

Presley wasn't a fan of the inside of the pool...
Logan shoveling water on Sydney Vana
She preferred to just sport her suit.
Presley and Parker, BFF's.

DADDY, I DON'T WANT A PONY! (Actually it's a donkey but she doesn't want it)
Apparently, Daddy wants one...

Caden is a serious Donkey rider.

Logan and Keaton!
Now that is a pony!

Presley and Riley Landers

I'm not sharing my hotdog with that puppy...

Logan and his buddy, Sydney
Presley should of worn her social butterfly shirt...she was just handing out the love.

And the reason for the party, Sweet Caroline.
Logan worried around the many puppies.

This is HUGE for Logan.
Wow, we almost stole this dog cause she was so sweet and Logan would touch her.

Presley, you are supposed to work out in your workout clothes not eat cookies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

San Antonio Part 2

More pictures from the weekend... Presley getting a little cuddle time Feeding the ducks Me and my girl Defying the rules of staying seated at all times while on the riverboat. Not the biggest fan of San Antonio history and architecture! Me either, Caden!


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