Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Boys!

I am so proud of all three of my boys...

This is Heath's drillship. The boys love to talk about it, they talk about it on the way to school and how Daddy showers, eats, and watches tv there (Heath may argue he doesn't watch a whole lot of TV!)

Logan is playing Tball, (It was not a good idea and I do not no why I thought it was)...he's on the Rockies and will only bat. The first game of the season he tried to take his shirt off in the left field and we had to leave halfway through the first inning. No Nap = Not a good game!

Second game went a little smoother, in that we made it the entire game. The coach even awarded Logan with the game ball -- for lasting the entire game, even though he didn't play one entire inning at a position. He played Short Stop for one batter and catcher for another batter in two separate innings.

Coach, put me in...I'm ready to play.

Logan is in the red, and I am having to stand by him so he won't run off the field.

Not enjoying fielding...

Finally, Ready to Bat!!!

Made it all the way to Home plate!!!!

Logan's #1 Fan!

Caden is also playing he's in a tball league above Logan's. What I can't get over is this is really baseball. It's competitive, they know what to do and they do a really good job at it. Is that because they are 6 or because they went through Logan's age and played already? Anyway, I am LOVING watching his games! Although, last night he turned to me when I told him not to forget to tag the base, that I didn't need to worry about it b/c he front of the entire stands.

A little Hoop and Hollar!

Tired little cheerleader!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toes in the Water...

So Caden's new favorite country song is "Toes in the Water, A$$ in the sand, not a care in the world and a beer in my hand"...

He knows almost all of this song (it has some spanish in it as well). Tonight he sits down next to me and sings it and I looked at him, disguising my dismay and asked, "Do you know what that song means?"

He says, Yes, it means you are at the beach and you put your toes in the ocean and then you lay your back in the sand, that is called your A$$.

Fabulous...and why does every song he learns talk about beer?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Caden asks, Mom, why is everyone we know having a baby? I said, because they want to have children like we do, his reply was simply ... I think everyone just wants to have a Presley... what a smart guy!

I wonder if she'll ever know how loved she is?

This face makes me think she does!

And Logan being...well Logan.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Library Book

Six weeks into kindergarten FINALLY Caden gets to go to the Library!! He was thrilled!!! I had to work late the day he went and when I got home he was waiting at the door with book in hand...I could hardly change before having to read it to him, after Nana and Poppa had both had their turns.

Caden absolutely loves school and he is so grown up, socially he has aged two years in six weeks. The other day he told me something was a rectangular prism, curious, I asked what other shapes he knew, he listed several...he is also grafting (I think it's spelled that way) where he'll say things like this pancake is equal to four cookies...Anyway, he seems to be catching on!

Well, I am so messing my daugther up...I stand her in the mirror every morning and say AGH, so Pretty. She nows says Pity when I put her on the least she won't have esteem problems. But sorry, SHE IS!!!

And even though I didn't capture any shots of Logi, he is also excelling in school...his girlfriend is no longer Riley but is now the Anabelle with the blue shirt (apparently their are two). He is learning weather and most days on the way to school he comments on today he said it was "Partly cloudy with a chance of Rain".

Now, a day in the life of Presley Grace (don't you feel sorry for her?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Look out Country music

Here comes Caden...

Presley says Goodnight

And Good morning...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am in the process of storing all my pictures together in one spot. A few pictures from years back...

Presley looks so much like her big brother! This is Caden at 7 months.

And Caden at just two years old...

This was the last weekend with the three of us, I had Logan the following week.

March 2006, and then there were four!
It's crazy how looking back at pictures like seems like a lifetime ago. This is exactly why I am obsessed with's the only way I can remember every special moment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess who is walking?

My favorite Lady!

Maybe she was afraid of the Spidermans.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go Texans!

It's that time again...Football season!!!

I finally have a little cheerleader to dress up too! Too bad the Texans weren't as successful as our outfits.

Please excuse Caden in these pictures he was so sick..what a trooper!

I recently redid Caden's room...we sold his bunkbeds to our friends Kyle and Kristen's little boy Keaton since A) no one uses it B) it took up the entire we replaced it with a dresser and I made him a padded headboard day bed. the rest of it we had and I just added to his paint treatment with the stripes...I think it goes hand in hand with the Texans outfits so I decided to post.


This weekend we had two tball practices rained out (woohoo) and Caden ran a fever off and on. That boy never gets sick and when he does he runs a fever and has very few other symptoms. I think he has an advanced immune system. Anyway, Saturday while he was dosed up wtih Tylenol and having a boost of energy we went bowling...

I used to think I was a decent bowler. However, my 3 and 5 year old beat me this time and although they had the bumpers up on there turn, it was pretty sad. They are so competitive too! I was nice and let Heath coach them into rubbing it into my face!

Presley enjoyed watching. Again, I must say she is the best BABY in the whole world....she is so content just hanging in her stroller for hours at a time during whatever we are doing. Her sleeping is still amazing in that we just lay her in her crib and she just goes to sleep (hardly even a fuss); and well you know she loves to eat. What a blessing she is. Now, if we could just get Logan in on that behavior!

Since Presley and Caden's birthday is five days apart, and Heath is going to be offshore until the following weekend...I am going to have to be creative on how I plan this. Although combining a 1 year old and a 6 year old party is not optimal....I am trying to get creative because I doubt our friends and family want to spend an entire weekend celebrating the birth of two of my children (Shame on them, I know)...anyway, I asked Caden what he'd like to do for his party...he mentioned go Hunting...I said, yeah for what? He said, Deer, Elk and Moose. Is that all baby? Great, this should be easy.

The boys have their duck callers as they are deer hunting (still learning)...thanks daddy, this isn't annoying at all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend?

So, we did nothing big for Labor Day weekend...which was nice...We did enjoy burgers at Nana and Poppa's Saturday and had a great visit with Aunt Pat (aka Backpack)! Caden, Logan and Presley gave a dance show that won't be soon forgotten...we also hung out with lots of our friends at Rick and Angie's pool on Sunday night. The boys went home around 9 and PG and I made it to 10:30, my little party animal!

Tball season officially started on Saturday. Caden is on the Angels and Logan is on the Rockies. Caden did so well! This is his second season and he played over a year ago but he seems so much older and I can tell that we will reap the rewards for what we endured the first season!

Caden's in the grey shirt with the hat and glove

Logan's team was well, hilarious! Lots of three year olds that wanted to eat snow cones and pee. The poor coach is so serious, having them stretch and do "form" throws. I was exhausted watching him try to get all nine 3-4 year olds to go to the correct stations. Anyway, it should be interesting for his team!

Logi sporting his brothers baseball hat (with Caden's name on the back) and green shirt ... look how cute his little butt is with his grey baseball pants!)

Arm circles? Coach, they are three.

Some Quick Sprints...

Disclaimer: it may look really organized in the above pictures, but this was the first three minutes of practice, he completely lost them after the sprints!

Also, Presley seemed like a one year old already this weekend. She is sitting in booster seat at the bar with the boys and drinking from a sippy like a maniac. She's gone all weekend without a bottle. She says Mama, Dada, Bubba, bye, boo, and hi. She'll blow kisses and wave at almost anyone. I went to the office on Monday to do some work and took her with me. She had so much fun playing with binder clips and highlighters. Agh, if only they stayed this easy to entertain!

She'll also Dance and Love her baby on command...

Being Cheesy...
Loving her dolly...

She was a champ at the baseball fields for 3 hours and has the sun to prove it! I warned her that we'd have plenty of afternoons at the fields with two older brothers...but I am enjoying having her company while Heath is the assistant coach (last year he was head coach) and I was normally hanging out solo.

Daddy got Sissy a pink bat for Tball Season...she reminds me of BamBam.

I wonder if the boys will be as happy to attend her dance recitals and gymnastic meets...I'll have to remind them of how many games/practices she's attended!

And another week...(oh I also repainted Caden's room and changed out his furniture to something a little more practical. We are still working on the bed, so I'll attach pix when completed)


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Thirty One
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