Saturday, September 27, 2008

Caden's Prayer

Caden's prayer last night:

Dear Jesus,

Please get Presley out of my Mommy's belly today. Amen.

We'll keep trying this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Logan is obsessed with these Handy Manny tools Caden got for his birthday...he sleeps with them and carries them everywhere. He even says, I am Handy Manny. I asked Caden the name of the girl on the show -- he said "Kelly". I said, Mommy is Kelly and Caden said, No, Kelly is little. Thanks, CADE!

Then later I was putting on PJ's and my arm was extended out and Caden told me I looked like an elephant. Heath was hysterical so I clarified, because my arm is out like a trunk and he goes, No, cause your belly is huge like an elephant. Wow, now I am getting self conscience!!!

So, yes, I have been watching a few Baby Story episodes on TLC...I honestly didn't think the boys were paying attention. When they would show a newborn I will say Boys look, that is how Presley will look when we see her. Well, last night the boys were playing Mommy and Daddy. Caden put a Car in Logan's shirt and tucked it in. He told Logan to lay down on the pillow and poop out Presley. Caden caught the car and acted like it was covered in dirt -- he cleaned it off and pretended to use the booger sucker and they ran to put it in her crib. I was, maybe I shouldn't let them watch so much of that show!!! Either that or maybe they'll be doctors!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny Boys

Biggest reason I started this blog was to document what comes out of my children's are a few from just this weekend...

After driving home listening to the song "hey mama won't you let your daddy come home?" when we came into the house Caden turned to me and said, Hey Mom...won't you let Daddy come home? His delivery was perfect too!

Logan was playing with two pirates and one pirate said to the other "where you going"? The other pirate answered, pee, do you want to go with me?? THe first pirate replied, yeah, I can go pee. Agh, Logan, something on your mind?

Caden asked since Ike came and knocked everything down when Jack Frost would come and bring snow...

Caden can impersonate Kevin from Home Alone'd think he was the movie if you just heard him. His favorite line is "Bud's girlfriend, Woof". He hasn't a clue what it means but he knows it cracks me up.

He also likes to talk about Mommy being pregnant but he thinks it's like being scared or hurt or something. He'll tell Heath watch out or you'll be pregnant too.

Caden and Logan have been playing pretend so much lately. It's really cute and Logan participates really well. They play Mommy and Daddy alot (logan is always mommy) or they play Handy Manny or Three Little Pigs. Yesterday while playing Handy Manny Caden sent Logan to find his grandma, since Logan has a Nana and a Mama Sue, he thought he was looking for an object. He asked me to help him find his grandma for Caden. It was quite comical.

After my shower on Friday, I was putting everything away and the boys were with me. I put a Texas A&M Cheerleading outfit with a bow on Logan and a navy dress and bow on Caden...Heath wouldn't let me take a picture of it but I was laughing so hard I almost went into labor. They didn't make very cute girls, they are too boney...but it sure was fun to do.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday (Party) Caden and Presley

As many know, Presley has the same due date Caden had. October 12th, which happens to also be Heath's dad's birthday. Luckily Caden was born on the 6th and I am hoping Presley arrives even sooner as I have hit the...I'm going crazy...part of the 3rd trimester. I think pregnancy should only be 36 weeks long. It's just cruel to tell someone, hey, if you go into labor everything will be fine...but every little bit inside helps! What? No it doesn't, get this baby out as soon as she is ready...

Anyway, our friends, family and neighbors came over for a family style baby shower. Krystal and Leslie were fantastic hostesses and the generousity, creativity, and thoughtfulness of our friends is overwhelming. I thought registering for my 3rd baby was easy...I knew what I needed...but I got so many items that made me say -- oh my gosh, I didn't even think of that. Many items that were ordered or made for Presley that matched her nursery. I am just so excited.

Presley's Posse -- Riley and Addy are waiting for her to arrive!

We had lots of help opening gifts...

Saturday was Caden's turn. We have been talking to him about his "birthday" since we found out we were pregnant in January. We thought it would be so cool to say, Guess what for your birthday you will get a new baby...Except all Caden heard was's been a long 9 months and I decided to throw his party a few weeks early as to try and keep things as simple as possible with a new baby on the way.

It was a great party and Caden had a wonderful time. We did a pirate theme and Caden dressed as Captain Hook and Logan as Peter Pan (as long as the weather permitted). We have a wonderful group of neighborhood kids that seem to really enjoy themselves together. It's nice to be surrounded by so many people at the same stage in life as we are. I think there are 5 or 6 kids that live within 4 or 5 houses that will start kindergarten the same year as Logan...which will be alot of fun. Anyway, Heath and Aunt Jen successfully turned the playground into a Pirate Ship and we even had a treasure hunt for goodies bags!

Caden busted trying to preview his gifts...tries to change the subject...

Caden and Brayden getting a game plan for the treasure hunt...

Logan and Cousin Madi

Logan and his pirate tats...

Treasure Map:

We did trick candles, so this is Caden's attempt to keep blowing them out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Love of SALT!

Okay, Caden loves salt. Loves salt shakers, putting salt on food, anything about it.

Today, after 7 consecutive days at home with the boys...I walked into the kitchen to find an entire salt shaker emptied on the bar, the bar stools, the kitchen table, all six chairs, the entire kitchen floor and the couch.

We are now shopping around for preschool programs for Caden to enjoy while I am on maternity leave. For both our sakes. :)

FYI, wet salt comes out of grout easier than dry salt.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peek A Boo

This game just never gets old...especially when your laugh sounds like this...

We made a chocolate cake Caden takes his job as "bowl licker" very serious. Tastes pretty good... Logan dressed himself like Daddy, Aggie ring and all.
Here, Mommy, Daddy's money.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Update and Logan Rituals

Hurricane Update: We never lost power during the storm. It was VERY loud all night long, with every creak and whistle the house made. The storm kept Heath and I up but the boys were out during the entire ordeal. Not too much rain fell here but the winds were very strong.

Looking out of the windows our trees were practically sideways. Luckily we had no damage other than some tilted trees and flowers. Whew. Driving around since there are lots of fallen trees, shingles missing from roofs and fences blown down. I cannot imagine what it looks like East of Katy.

Sunday night a horrible thunderstorm blew through. We lost power. How do you not lose power during a Category 2 Hurricane but you do from a Thunderstorm? This I do not understand. Luckily it was only out a few hours.

Lessons we learned from Ike:

1. Buy more than cookies and bananas for the storm (Thanks, Heath!). Even if you don't lose power, nothing remains open for several days. We drove around looking for food, because we didn't have anything we wanted at home and nothing but donut stores were open the day after...okay, I wanted a home cooked meal, the one from a restaurant. Next hurricane, we are having steaks.

2. Don't sale your generator the day after the storm, you may need it for the incoming thunderstorms. (Our neighbors did this).

3. Go ahead and cancel things like parties and showers, otherwise, inevitably, someone will show up. Sorry, Guys!!!

4. If a hurricane hits during football season, go ahead and evacuate. For some reason, the news channels think we want 24-7 coverage of the storm from 4 different angles and make us miss things like Football games. Also, make your Fantasy Football selections well before the storm hits, as hurricanes also effect internet access. (This one is Heath's lesson).

5. Have some activities planned in case you lose power. Cabin fever does exist...EVEN if you never lose power. They boys got it so bad we pretended to be trees that waved in the wind and then fell down. We even got a green blanket and lost all of our leaves. At this point we were somewhat dilerious. Not sure I can imagine the four of us lasting too long had we lost power.

Heath really, really wanted to video tape the storm but for some reason he could not find the camera when he needed it. So, he decided to take videos of the damage we incurred. My little storm chaser.

In all seriousness, we are very blessed and pray for our friends and neighbors that did not fare as well as we did.

So, Logan is in the habit of carrying a toy in each hand. Lately it's been a big sword in one and a little sword in the other (the little sword looks like a switchblade). Or he likes to carry the Little Einstein figurines or Peter Pan and Captain Hook. He just carries them around in his hands not even really playing with them.

Last night he took two girls from Little Einstiens to bed. (Annie and June). He also had a shark. I was like, How cute, he picked the girls to hold...he's so sensitive. Then when he got to bed he started eating them with the shark. Nevermind on the sensitive part.

He's also keenly aware of the size of my belly. He leaned on it and said, Oops, Presley's in there. He has a family of dinosaurs and they all represent one of us, Mommy, Daddy, Caden and Logan. He recently added a small barrel (toy from a ship) that represents Presley. He usually has it stuck onto the Mommy some where.

Also, while reading books anytime he sees ANY group of 3 or 5 he names them...3 = Caden, Logan, and Presley and 5 = Mommy, Daddy, Caden, Logan and Presley. It's really very sweet. Even shapes and colors are named this. Presley comes out "Sessy" which I am really hoping brothers never had a sweet name for me....only ones I cannot repeat here. :)

Caden is counting down the days to his birthday Party which is Saturday. He's so excited. If you know me, you know I am somewhat anal about what the boys 9 months pregnant, I have let that go...evidence below:

At least they were hurricane ready...with their broken umbrella.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike's here, but so is Baby Bedding!!!

We are not evacuating. Hopefully we don't lose power, that is our main concern. Our neighbors have a we'll be okay.

Even bigger news, Presley's bedding came in the mail today. Thank you to Michelle Taylor of Taylored Expressions for custom making EXACTLY what I wanted without more than a phone call discussion. I was amazed.

Here are a few pictures. I gave the boys one last who-rah in the crib.


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