Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer 2012

So this summer was one to put in the history books.  Heath decided to stay home with the kids and focus on Seminary, which is no easy feat.  He is an amazing, Dad and the kids will remember this summer forever.

June - we made a quick trip to visit Uncle Nick and Celina at there new place  right outside of Padre Island which was very fun.  Nick even purchased a pontoon boat and we got to be on this first ever excursion!

 I don't think she's too fond of Uncle Nick...
 Daisy really enjoyed the boat too
 and of course, Rebel
 A little titanic reenactment

 Family Pic
 Take 2

 Happy Birthday Dad!  

 The entry to Nick & Celina's has this Gym/Gem...Pg was very impressed.
 So was Logan...


 And the finale was this gift shop we passed on the way in so we ventured in when we left and the kids thought it was pretty neat...

 Every time I turned around - this kid was in costume...

July - we celebrated the Fourth of July and My Mom's birthday....Still can't believe she isn't here.  I went to Brazil for work which is a great experience but I missed my family to pieces....

 Brazil was beyond beautiful

 My phone "Pocket dialed" my mom 6 times while up at the statue of Jesus Christ.  A humbling experience I would say - I think she wanted me to know -- this is it -- this is who I am with.  

 At the right you can see the Statue of Jesus Christ lit up...so amazing.

August - Logan and PG started Gymnastics and both of them were moved up after the first evaluation!  So fun and so proud of them for working so hard!

PG - we will work on that...
 Perfect Score!
 Patiently waiting

And our summer is over....this post is dedicated to my avid readers - Aunt Pat and Nana!

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Jana said...

I am a reader! :) Looks like y'all had a fun summer! Your kiddos are so cute!


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