Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of the school year festivities

We've had lots of year end festivities at the boys school.  Next year the new school in our neighborhood opens up so this is the last year we will attend their first school.  It's been a good school for the boys - just WAY TO CROWDED so we are very happy about the new one opening in the Fall.

Logan's Field Day

His Uncles are very proud of this one....

Caden's Field Day

Caden's BFF, Tysen

Logan's Kindergarten Graduation!!!!  He wanted to dress handsome, so we pulled out his outfit from PreK graduation, it still fits so his goal to grow in Kinder was not something that happened for Little Logan.

We learned Logan wants to be a Red Ninja when he grows up.

Presley is such a proud sissy.

Mrs. Sorokowski (Sir-Cow-ski) and Logan 

We went to celebrate afterwards with Bowling and Games!  My little motorcycle gang.

2nd Grade Celebration of Learning.

Mrs. Spitzer and Caden - Caden wants to be a Hunter when he grows up and shoot animals in the heart so he can survive.  Hmmm....I guess I can stop saving for the boys college education?  Just kidding.

Logan's final game, picture with this was bitter sweet.  His team did great and Logan learned to LOVE Baseball!!!!  Go White Sox!

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